Top 10 Richest States In Nigeria (2021)

Which states are the richest states in Nigeria? Nigeria is one of the most mineral-rich and human-resource-rich countries on the planet, with the potential to become one of the world’s most powerful nations. we are aware that the country is experiencing leadership problems as a result of mismanagement. However, there are still some rich states in Nigeria that can practically subsist without federal funding.

Nigeria currently has 36 states, and the Federal Government controls all mineral resources in the country, according to the rules of the nation. In terms of financing, this meant that the states had to rely on the federal government for so many things. Nonetheless, certain Nigerian states have been able to put in place institutions that generate a significant amount of money into the state government’s coffers.

Top 10 Richest States In Nigeria

The top 10 wealthiest states in the Federal Republic of Nigeria are listed below, supported by their internally generated revenue (IGR).

10. Ondo state- IGR: ₦30 billion

Ondo State is a Nigerian state in the Southwest region with a population of approximately 5 million people. It is made up of (18) Local Government Areas, and agriculture is the main source of income, It’s a state known for the production of cocoa, palm oil, and kernels e.t.c. The capital of Ondo is Akure.

9. Kwara state- IGR: ₦31 billion

Kwara State, located in Nigeria’s north-central region, is another (to some extent) wealthy state. The population of the state is estimated to be around 3.1 million people. Tantalite, gold, cocoa, and other mineral resources and deposits are found in Kwara.

8. Enugu state – IGR: ₦31 billion

One of Nigeria’s wealthiest states is Enugu state. Enugu is home to one of Africa’s largest commercial cities, it has a population of around 4,400,000  people. Enugu is known for the production of coal because it was the first state to discover coal.

7. Akwa Ibom – IGR: ₦32 billion

Akwa Ibom is the seventh on the list of top 10 richest states in Nigeria. General Ibrahim Babangida’s regime created Akwa Ibom State from the former Cross River State on September 23, 1987, and it is Nigeria’s highest crude oil and natural gas-producing state. Akwa Ibom is a wealthy Nigerian state which is the top state of the country’s top oil and gas producer.

The state has a population of  5,000,000 people and relies heavily on tourism to generate revenue. Aside from oil and tourism, the economic development of Akwa Ibom is based on fishing and farming.

6. Kano state – IGR: ₦40 billion

Kano is not only one of Nigeria’s wealthiest northern states, but also one of the country’s wealthiest. With a population of around 13 million people, Kano State is one of Nigeria’s most populous. Large markets where traders from far and near converge to transact large volumes of business are among the region’s economic activities.

They also grow soybeans, cotton, groundnuts, hide and skin, spices, and sesame in commercial quantities. Agriculture and commerce are two of the most important economic activities.

5. Kaduna state – IGR: ₦44 billion

Another state that has money in the country is Kaduna state. It is the fourth largest state in Nigeria, with the largest surface area. It is situated in the country’s northwestern region. There are 23 local government areas in Kaduna State, which has a population of 8,200,000 people. The government accounts for roughly 3.3 per cent of the country’s GDP. The capital of Kaduna is Kaduna.

4. Delta state – IGR: ₦65 billion

Delta state is located in southern Nigeria. It was formed on August 27, 1991, when General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida carved the state out of the defunct Bendel State. The state has oil and gas reserves, as well as limestone, tar sand, and decorative rocks.

With its vast oil and gas refining deposits, this product boosts the economy as well as agricultural products for the people, providing food and income. There are 25 local government areas in Delta. Delta state is not only an oil-producing state but also one that produces agricultural products, It can also boast of different tourist centers.

3. Ogun State – IGR: ₦71 billion

Ogun state has a population of 7.1 million people. Ogun State is one of Nigeria’s wealthiest states. Natural resources abound in this state in the southwest. The State is known for being the country’s largest cement producer and it also has commercial quantities of crude oil.

There are so many companies in the state. As a result, some areas of the state fare better than many Nigerian states in terms of essential services such as electricity.

2. Rivers State – IGR: ₦140 billion

Rivers State is also one of the Nigerian states with a lot of wealth. Rivers has a population of around 5.2 million people and is located in the country’s south-central region. It has crude oil deposits and natural gas reserves, as well as a reputation for being the country’s largest crude oil contributor, making the state vital to the Nigerian economy.

Rivers mentions some oil and gas companies in particular. Because there are so many opportunities within the State that are not simply found elsewhere, many people continue to make it their home in their search for transformation.

1. Lagos State – IGR: ₦399 billion

While the state is the tiniest when it comes to land area, It is among the country’s most heavily populated areas. Lagos State is estimated to have a population of 14.3 million people as of 2020. The authorities have a place in situated systems to require advantage of this reality, and therefore the state has long been at the forefront in a very range of areas.

Lagos is also the most developed state in Nigeria. Finally, based on the current state of Nigeria, it is true that the states listed above are the richest in the country. For example, it has been reported that even when the federal government is unable to provide revenue, states such as Lagos can survive on the revenue generated internally.

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