youngest billionaires in nigeria

Who are the youngest billionaires in Nigeria and what do they do for a living. Nigeria is said to be the poverty capital of the world, yet, she can boast of producing prominent people in all spheres of life all over the world. These prominent people are highly recognized andContinue Reading

richest footballers in nigeria

Are you interested in finding out the richest footballers in Nigeria? In Nigeria, football is the most popular sport and the Nigerian national team competes for titles internationally, especially in Europe, mostly in England. The national team of Nigeria has produced so many international stars like Rashidi Yekini, Kanu Nwankwo,Continue Reading

Richest actresses in nigeria

Do you know who the richest female actresses in Nigeria are? The entertainment industry is arguably one of the most lucrative industries worldwide. It is very broad as it comprises the movie industry, music industry, fashion, lifestyle, blogging, comedy etc. Our major focus is on the movie industry. The movieContinue Reading

Richest Billionaires In Africa

Who are the top 10 billionaires in Africa? Our list focuses on African billionaires who live in Africa or conduct their primary business there. We calculated net worth based on stock prices and currency exchange rates. To value privately-held businesses, we begin with estimates of revenues or profits and thenContinue Reading

richest footballers in the world

Who are the richest footballers in the world? Football, also known as Soccer, is one of the most popular sports in the world. The game, which has various versions of its origin story is today widely acclaimed to be a way of life for many people and groups all aroundContinue Reading

Trade unions in Nigeria

There are many trade unions in Nigeria. These are organized groups of people under the same occupation and similar interests. They are formed with the aim of protecting their interest and serving as a medium for speaking up for the people. Trade unions in Nigeria are a very strong andContinue Reading

Richest Rappers In Africa

Do you know the richest rappers in Africa? Africa, the world’s most populated black continent, has produced a diverse range of musical talents, from rappers to outstanding vocalists and artists. As a result of their abilities, some individuals have amassed immense wealth, making them the wealthiest among their peers, whileContinue Reading