coldest countries in africa

How many of you know about the coldest countries in Africa? Oftentimes, people ask if it gets cold at all in Africa because the general, or rather popular, belief is that Africa is particularly hot. The answer to the question is that it depends on what the person asking theContinue Reading

hottest countries in africa

There are many countries in Africa with a hot climate, but some are much hotter than the rest. In this article, we’ll be discussing the hottest countries in Africa. Africa’s climate has a variety of climates, such as the equatorial climate, the wet and dry tropical climates, the tropical monsoonContinue Reading

Biggest Churches In Africa

Do you know the biggest churches in Africa? According to the existence of chapels in various areas of the globe, Christianity is unquestionably one of the most widely practiced religious traditions on the planet. Due to the fact that the two main faiths in Africa are Christianity and Islam, theContinue Reading

Most Expensive Universities In Africa

What are the most expensive universities in Africa? University education in Africa is important to the development of Africa because education especially in Africa is taking a fast-paced change and transformation. Although one of the challenges facing education in Africa is the limited supply of universities in the continent andContinue Reading

female musicians in Africa

Who are the known female musicians in Africa? There are fewer female acts in the music industry. While the film industry is dominated by women, the music industry is dominated by men. Despite the fact that there are fewer female musicians in Africa, they are no less productive and successful.Continue Reading

best rappers in Africa

Who are the best rappers in Africa? Since the early 1980’s the music genre of hip hop has gained popularity largely to the influence of African American culture, the widespread of hip hop got to Senegal in 1985 and some of the earliest Senegalese rappers are M.C Lida, M.C SolarContinue Reading

Richest Banks in Africa

Which banks are the richest banks in Africa? Home to over 1.3 billion individuals, the continent of Africa is home to practically 17% of the world’s entire populace. As per the United Nations, the continent is home to 54 nations. Every one of them is special and different, showcasing theirContinue Reading

richest tribes in africa

Do you know the richest tribes in Africa currently? Let us be realistic, when we talk about tribes in Africa, the last thing that any non-African would think of is wealth. Most people have the stereotypical and somewhat racist assumption that almost every tribe in Africa is either poor orContinue Reading