10 Ways To Pay DSTV Subscription In Nigeria

If you reside in Nigeria, DSTv and GOTv are household names, MultiChoice’s digital television services in Nigeria are two of the best known. This is because these services provide some of the best material in the country, both globally and locally, in many categories: sports, entertainment, films, news, events, entertainment for children, and much more. […]

Difference between DSTV and GOTV

DSTV and GOTV are two major cable TVs that are widely used in Nigeria. Even though they’re both managed by the same company (Multichoice), there are many differences between them. The full meaning of DSTV is Digital Satellite Television while GOTV stands for Go Television. Find out the difference between DSTV and GOTV below. READ […]

How To Pay DSTV Online With GTBank

Do you have DSTV and want to know how to pay DSTV online (GTBank) and don’t know how to do it, read how-to below. DSTV is a South African owned broadcasting satellite service that allows subscribers to view many channels without stress. The name of the company that owns DSTV is MultiChoice and they provide […]

Full List of DSTV Subscription Packages, Prices and Channels

What are the DSTV Subscription packages and how much do they cost? DSTV is a subsidiary of multi-choice; a satellite cable company that is based in South Africa and was established on the 6th of October, 1995.  DSTV came to Nigeria in 1996. Since then, the satellite cable TV service network has grown to be […]