Top 10 Richest Governors In Nigeria And Their Net worths

Do you know the richest governors in Nigeria and their net worths? There are a total of 36 states in this West African country, most of which belong to the Northern Geopolitical region of the country. These states have varying GDPs and the governors have profited off the periodic revenue of their respective states. It […]

Top 10 Richest Politicians In Africa (2022)

Who are the richest politicians in Africa? Politicians are among the wealthiest people all over the world; it appears that politics is the domain of the wealthy and powerful. This perhaps, is more evident in Africa, where money, wealth, and fame, rather than ideology or political discourse, determine the success of a person’s political career. […]

Top 20 Richest Politicians In Nigeria (2022)

Who are the richest politicians in Nigeria? Nigeria is a nation rich in resources and diversity. Over the years, there has always been a rising trend in the rate of corruption in the country’s government. This has led to a dwindling standard of living by many of the country’s citizens. While one may argue that […]