How To Activate Ecobank Transfer Code

What is the EcoBank Transfer Code? It is the EcoBank ussd code used for performing banking transactions without using an internet connection. Read on to find out how to activate EcoBank transfer code. The lack of internet required makes it very easy for customers of EcoBank to be able to carry out operations irrespective of […]

Fidelity Bank Transfer Code:How To Create, Transfer, Activate

Do you want to know about the Fidelity Bank Transfer Code, how to use it, and all about the code? If yes, continue reading this post What Is Fidelity Bank Transfer Code The Fidelity Bank Transfer Code is the bank ussd code that is provided to customers of Fidelity Bank to perform operations like money […]

FirstBank Transfer Code:How To Transfer And Buy Airtime

What are the First bank transfer codes that are available and what can they be used for? Many users are now making use of their bank accounts to perform different operations such as DSTV, GOTV, and Nepa bills, buy airtime among other things. Even though many people now have smartphones, there are still some people […]