The Best Online Business In Nigeria (2021)

In Nigeria, there is without a doubt, a rising trend in the rate of unemployment amongst its citizens, leading to more and more people branching out to other sources of income, which almost always includes starting their business. In today’s economy, the cyber world plays a very large and critical role in building the economy of every country, Nigeria included.

Today, as more and more people turn to the internet to earn a living or carve out a source of income for themselves, one might wonder, “what exactly is the best online business?”. This question has grown increasingly louder in the hearts of many online business owners and aspiring online business owners.


Our answer to the above question takes into account a considerable number of factors, such as general opinions of people, feasibility, level of risk, and requirement of capital, which to a large extent is a determining factor for most businesses, online or otherwise.

The Best Online Business In Nigeria is

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is arguably the best online business that one can venture into these times, as it has allowed people to earn a reasonable amount of money, with some even netting millions.

Affiliate marketing is a system of marketing where product owners/producers let an affiliate (you) earn a certain amount of commission for recommending their products to a target audience.

These sales tactics allow companies to boost sales while letting the affiliate earn a few bucks in the process. The best part is that IT REQUIRES NO CAPITAL TO START!

How Does The Whole Process Work?

Discover A Good Affiliate Program

This is the first and arguably the most important phase. You can find a legitimate and popular affiliate program to join. Most programs have tutorials and other materials that can prove useful in starting your business.

Here are some links to some of the more popular and legit affiliate platforms;,,, , , and .

Choose Which Offers To Promote

After you have joined a good affiliate marketing platform, you would be given a list of offers to choose from, to promote. Be careful to choose things that you feel people might want and will be interested in. Also, you can go out of your way to make your ads as catchy as possible.

Get Your Affiliate Link

Get a unique affiliate link that is short and easy to remember

Share Those Links

A good and active social media account can not be overemphasized at this point. By creating unique and catchy ads and posting them on your social media accounts or blogs right next to your affiliate link, you can easily get potential customers to click on your link and purchase those products.


For every sale that is being made through your link, you will get a certain percentage commission that adds up over time. So the key is gathering enough costumers to buy products using your affiliate link.

 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs in Nigeria

  1. Jumia Affiliate Platform
  2. Amazon affiliate platform
  3. Konga Affiliate Platform
  4. Shopify Affiliate Platform
  5. Ali-express Affiliate Platform

The percentage commission for each affiliate platform varies, ranging from 10% to as high as 15% in some cases. The benefits of running this online business are immense and the risk is virtually non-existent. When done well, this business can prove to be an online gold mine.

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