The Richest Nigerian Politician (2021)

Who is the Richest Nigerian Politician? You’re about to find out. The Nigerian political sector, just like any other political sector in the world is made up of rich and affluent politicians. In some cases, these politicians garner their wealth from one or two legitimate sources, but in other cases, many of the politicians and government officials get their wealth from various corrupt practices and embezzlement.

According to various trusted sources, Nigeria is one of the most politically corrupt countries in Africa;. Notwithstanding, no matter the source of their income, the fact remains that the Nigerian political sector is home to some of the richest men that the country has ever know.


Today, we are going to take a look at the country’s richest politician up to date. Some of you may wonder who this is; could it be the flamboyant Dino Malaye or the Enigmatic IBB or even the sagely Chief Olusegun Obasanjo? Well, the answer to that may come as bit of a shock to some, while to others, the answer is as expected as the sunrise.

The Richest Nigerian Politician

The richest politician in Nigeria is Bola Ahmed Tinubu (8.4 billion US dollars). The 68-year-old political Titan, whom many have classified as a Political Godfather, bags the title of the richest Nigerian Politician alive.

He is married to the beautiful Oluremi Tinubu. Born on the 29th of March, 1952, Bola Ahmed Adekunle Tinubu once served as the governor of Lagos State from the year 1999 up until the year 2007 then stepped down and handed over to Babatunde Raji Fashola.

Over the course of his political career, he has come to be recognized Nationwide as a leading political figure and has even bagged the title of the Jagaban of Borgu, a kingdom in Niger state, along with the title of Asiwaju of Lagos a Lagos based Chieftaincy title.

He has been praised for his work in the transportation sector in Lagos during his tenure as the state’s governor. Many of the major roads and bridges which the state boasts of today, were constructed during his tenure.

His major contribution to the state was in its BRT transport system which thrives till this very day in the state. As a matter of fact, the BRT system has served as a major means of transportation in Lagos State and it continues to be upgraded even to this day, providing various means of transportation.


Tinubu’s assets are spread all across the country and some parts of the world. He has real-estate assets worth over 120 billion Naira and a 5 billion Naira mansion in Ikoyi, Lagos. He owns his own consultant company; Alpha Beta.

As a busy businessman, he is required to travel around the world for business deals and other events, which he does comfortably in his Bombardier Global Express XRS, said to worth around 60 million US dollars.

With a fleet of luxurious cars, ranging from range rovers, a 600 million Naira G-wagon and a couple of Mercedes Benz, he cruises his way to the top spot among the richest politicians in Nigeria.

It is worth noting that the Nigerian billionaire has seen his fair share of lawsuits and probing for various financial and ethical misconducts that should raise red flags for someone who sits in the governing sector of our country.

He has been charged for being involved in a US-based heroin traffic Network and at some point, his company was being probed on account of a 100 billion Naira tax Evasion and scandal.

In spite of all these, the mogul continues to enjoy his position and all the privileges that come with it. What do you think about the richest politician? Share your thoughts below.

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