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Samsung Note 10 Leaks States Samsung Will Be Releasing 4 New Tablets

Trusted Reviews discusses the latest Samsung Note 10 smartphones leak and talks about the features of the four new tablets that are supposed to be released. Find out all about it on Trusted Reviews. 

The Strangest Camera You’ve Ever Seen To Be Found on Samsung A80

Camera lovers will be intrigued by the new camera design on smartphones. Samsung A80 android phone features one camera that will serve as both front and back cameras through a spinning technique. Another great feature is the hidden camera area where your camera stays hidden when not in use.  Get the full details from the link above.

Cheap Phone Under $100

Need a cheap smartphone for your kids or for yourself without the need to break the bank, then check out this Phys post that gives you what you want and the details about the phone. Another benefit is that the phone is a Samsung model. You should put in mind that this kind of phone will definitely not be at par with the $1000 kind of phone but it will still carry out the simple and necessary things you want it for especially when you are on a very small budget.

Cheap Phone Under $300

This post features another great budget phone with really nice specs even at that price range. If you have more money to spare, go for the Motorola Moto G7 instead of the Samsung phone under $100. This phone features a 5.7 inches display, fast charging, okay dual cameras among other things. Read up through the link above.

Skype Screen Sharing on IOS and Android

Skype lovers will enjoy this particular feature coming to their IOS and Android phones. This will make collaboration on the go faster and easier. The rollout will hopefully be done in the coming months if testing proceeds as planned. Read more through the link.

2-Step Verification To Be Done Using Android Smartphones as Physical Security Keys

Android users can now use their smartphones as a physical security key for 2-step verification for apps that require it. This update was carried out by Google and will be usable on phones that have Android 7.0 or a higher android version running on them. Read all about it through the link.

Android Phones With The Best Battery Lives in 2019

If you’re looking to buy an android phone and your search is to buy a smartphone with good battery lives in 2019, this list will definitely give you a heads up in that department. Check out TechAdvisor post on the top 10 phones with the best battery life and then you can also find out more features of each phone if you’re interested.

Windows Phones in 2019

Interested in exploring the best windows phone available in 2019 because you don’t like android phones or because you want to experience something other than the Android way, go ahead and check out this link above as I’m sure you would not be disappointed. However, take note that updates for Windows mobile phone will soon be coming to an end, probably around December of this year so it is better you give it a long thought. If you are the kind that isn’t bothered about getting mobile updates, then go ahead and enjoy the post and if you fall in the category of those that love getting updates, just educate yourself on the awesome windows phone available because you might never know who you’ll run into that will need this particular information.

3 Ways To Improve Your Mobile Signal Strength

Having a bad day because your networks keep messing up there draining your battery massively, this link post provides 3 tips and tricks you can try to improve your mobile network.

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