10 Best Tourist Attractions In Cross River State You Have To Visit

The state of Cross River is a geopolitical zone that is located in the South Southern part of the Country. It shares a boundary with the country of Cameroun and its capital is Calabar. This south southern state is richly blessed with verdant and lush vegetation as well as thick rainforest and a host of natural resources.

The name “Cross River” was given to the state due the river that channels through the state, which is called “Cross”. From this, I can already guess that some sort of picture is already beginning to form in your mind as regards the physical environment of this beautiful state.

As you can probably guess, a state such as Cross River would hold within its borders, lots of natural and man-made sites to marvel at as well as relax in. Below are ten of some of the best spots for tourists to visit in Cross River State.


Top 10 Tourist Attractions In Cross River State



Owned by the state, the Tinapa resort which happens to be a business and also a leisure spot was opened in the year 2007. Since then it has grown to become one of the best recreational resorts in the Country and the most popular recreational resort in the State of Cross River.

Aimed at boosting tourism in the country through the state of Cross River, the former Governor; Governor Donald Duke was responsible for the commissioning of the Tinapa resort. To achieve this aim, it was duly equipped with some of the best recreational facilities that this country had ever seen.

It boasts of an amphitheater, cinema, mini casino, restaurants, pubs, kids play zone, water slides, a three-star hotel and of course, the famous Tinapa Studio. It is also powered by its own mini power plant and has a four thousand (4,000) capacity parking lot. The Tinapa Resort can be found at Calabar, the capital of Cross River state.



Situated in the deep reaches of Etung local govt area in the ever-lovely Cross River, the water fall comes very close to the border of Cameroun. This place is one of Nature’s works of art.

Although it may not be as large as Niagara Falls, the humble Agbokim waterfalls still inspire the same majestic awe and wonder as any other waterfall in the world. You can take an evening stroll or camp around its environs. 



With a state as verdant and as lush as cross river, it should come as no surprise that there is a large number of wild life and vegetation in the region. The Cross River national park approximately covers an area of 4,000 km sq.

This nature reserve is home to all sorts of wild life and trees including rare species of primates. The park is separated into two sections; one at Okwangwo and the other part is at Oban.



This is another nature reserve that is worth exploring. It is home to some of the most endangered species of animals on the planet including the Cross River Chimp, as well as over twenty million (20, 000, 000) avian species. It covers roughly 104 km sq of land deep in the heart of Cross River.



These monoliths were formed from solidified molten rocks. The most interesting thing about these monoliths is the fact that they are not only arranged in a pattern, but all have strange markings or engravings on them.

Scholars believe that they are a little over five hundred (500) years old, but new studies indicate that the might be much older. Located in the Ikom Area of Cross River, the Alok Ikom Monoliths are a sight to see.



Located along the Oshie ridge of the popular sankwala mountain range of the Obanliku Local Government area of Cross River, the Obudu Plateau travels far in length, reaching towards the Nation’s south eastern areas.

As you can probably guess, the Obudu Plateau is quite massive; covering a zone of 40 square miles while towering five thousand, two hundred feet (5, 200ft) above sea level (ASL). If you fancy yourself a daring adventurer, then this place is the right zone for hikes and exploration. Best of all, the view is spectacular.



Located in the deepest recesses of the Cross River National park, the Kwa falls is a mini water fall, perfect for kayaking as well as admiring. You can take a lovely evening or morning stroll along its calm banks. This is a truly relaxing place to be at.


The Sankwala Mountains are a six thousand (6,000) feet behemoths that tower the coastlines of Obanliku Local government area, giving tourists a great view of the area. It also boasts of a cool climate, making its atmosphere extra conducive for tourists from all parts of the world.

In fact, the Sankwala Mountain range is so popular among tourists in the area that it has been able to generate enough money to develop and run the Obudu plateau resort in that vicinity.



The Calabar river in cross river state holds a lot of historic and commercial importance today. It travels from the northern part of Cross River, all the way to the south, linking up with the much bigger River Cross or Cross River.

The Calabar river was used as a major conduit to transport slaves in the late 1800s. Today, it helps in transporting moderately sized commercial vessels within the state. Tourists are known to take relaxing and fun picnics along the river banks.



What better way to end the tour than with some history and fun. The National Museum, located at Duke Town in Calabar, the capital of Cross River; is just the perfect place to be served a fresh blend of fun and history. This place really enlightens the ignorance concerning the dark history of slavery in calabar. There are lots of great places to visit here.

Cross river is a richly blessed land with a diverse set of landmarks. The food is superb and the people are some of the nicest that you might ever see. I hope you enjoyed this little guide through the wondrous land of Cross river.

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