Top 10 Tourist Attractions In Lagos Nigeria

Located in the South-western region of Nigeria, Lagos State is a hub of Socioeconomic variety. Home to the commercial and economic central nervous system in Nigeria, it comes as no surprise that Lagos is the most known place in Nigeria to foreigners and tourists alike. Whether you are based within the country or outside the country, you must have heard of Lagos at some point in time.

For those of us who wish to tour this great metropolis, you would be happy to find that there are indeed so many great places and historic landmarks that are worth exploring. There are also great relaxation zones. So, without further ado, and in no particular order, let us delve into ten renowned tourist attractions in Lagos.

Tourist Attractions In Lagos Nigeria


Also popularly called TBS or referred to as Race Course; is a fifty thousand (50,000) sitting capacity that was built in 1972. The land was conferred upon the Late Oba Dosunmu by British authorities in 1859. This land mark is historically rife with grandiose events from times past. However, in 1960, the racetrack which had since become defunct, was decommissioned officially by the then head of state, General Yakubu Gowon. In 1972, Tafawa Balewa Square was born. Since then, the arena has become a haven for concerts and a myriad of activities including the ever popular EXPERIENCE. This is a must-stop for those tourists in search of a bit of history in Lagos.


Also with its initials as TBS, this stadium is one of the biggest, if not the biggest sports stadium in Nigeria. It is big and well equipped enough to meet FIFA standards. It has also hosted quite a number of sporting activities and festivals, as well local and international soccer matches.



This bridge is considered to be the longest and largest bridge in Nigeria and the second longest bridge in Africa. This bridge is one of the bridges responsible for connecting Lagos mainland to the Island. And as a testament to its importance in the lives of many Lagosians, this bridge is said to hold the highest traffic rate especially during the week days. But what makes this bridge so spectacular is the fact that Lagos lagoon rests on both sides of the bridge, giving commuters a breath taking view of the beauty that is Lagos.


Every nation has its historic tapestry that gives tourists and explorers a sense of the country in question. The NNM or Nigerian National Museum does just that. Located in the heart of the Lagos Island, this museum holds so many ethnographic and old archaeological artefacts and artworks. If you would like to learn about the Nigeria of Old, all the way to the precolonial era, then the Nigerian National Museum is the place for you.


Popularly known as The New African shrine, is a place that doesnt just offer tourists a haven for relaxation and cultural entertainment, but it serves this in a vibrant and colourful atmosphere, bring its guests a new found appreciation for the Nigerian culture. And what better place can this paradise be found, if not at Ikeja; the capital and central nervous system of Lagos.


Ranked as the number one (1) garden in terms of beauty in Nigeria, Jhalobia recreational park is the garden to visit, especially if you are in search of ways to improve your landscaping. They have flowers and landscaping plants of all sorts. With its breath taking scenery, it is a really great spot to visit if you are a nature or plant enthusiast.


Sitting in the heart of the lush Victoria Island in Lagos, lies the Nike Art Gallery. This building is an architectural work of art that holds so many art works from all parts of Africa. It is the biggest of its kind in West Africa, amassing various great artworks from different talented and renown African artists from all over the continent. This is a four storey treasure trove of undeniable and top notch African art work. You can come here with your kids or loved ones to absorb some good old fashioned African heritage.


The most striking thing about this all-purpose event centre or facility is undeniably its stylish and modernized architectural outlook / design. It is large and is also believed to generate a massive amount of revenue for the state, by playing host to some of the biggest and high class events and celebrations in the great country of Nigeria. It is also worth noting that the Lagos Civic centre can be located at Ozumba Mbadiwe Rd found in the busy streets of Victoria Island.


Rarely do you ever see a Museum dedicated to just one man, well, the museum of Kalakuta republic is a storage to the Musical and artistic legacy of the great Fela Kuti of Nigeria; the father of Afro beats. It showcases his art and ideal in ways that still hit home, even years after his death. It is worth noting that the museum was originally a family residential home of the Ransome-Kutis; Felas family. One gets to not only see the place that Fela grew up in, but also experience his artistic flare. Kalakuta Republic can be found at Ikeja, in Gbemisola street.


At this point, I could have said that I reserved the best for last, but that would be a blatant lie; because all the sites mentioned so far are rich in wonder and culture, it is almost impossible to put a rank on them. Inagbe grand Resorts and leisure is one of these sites as well. It is not just a place to kick back and relax after a long day of learning and visiting so many historic regions. It is very much a place for fun and excitement as well. A paradise Island where you can have as much fun as you want.

These ten places that have been mentioned above are not the only places worth visiting in Lagos, as there are so many wonderful attractions that it is almost impossible listing them all. But they are really worth visiting. So when next you are in Lagos, feel free to check out these spots. Which of these places listed above is your favourite?

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