smallest states in the world

Small-sized geo-political zones face serious challenges when it comes to development, and the reason for this is their poor or limited economic power and small population. They might even experience natural disasters, economic shocks, and changes in climatic conditions. This lack of economic power, causes people to migrate to otherContinue Reading

Most Populated Countries in the World

Do you know the most populated countries in the world? According to the calculations done by World-o-meter, the world’s population as of the year 2021 is around a 7.9billion. In other words, there are approximately 7.9 billion individuals, 7.9 billion people walking, living and breathing on the surface of thisContinue Reading

Longest bridges in the world

Do you have any idea about the longest bridges in the world? As far as Civil Engineering is concerned, bridges are arguably the greatest proof of Mankind’s determination for advancement in civilization. Bridges are built in order for man to get to places that are seemingly inaccessible. These structures haveContinue Reading

Do you know the longest tunnels in the world? Tunnels are structural and architectural masterpieces of civil engineering and creative ingenuity. One interesting thing to note is that tunnels can either be formed naturally through erosion, earthquakes and other tectonic activities or created by works of men. Tunnels are structuresContinue Reading

Spanish Speaking Countries In The World

Which countries are the best Spanish speaking countries in the world? Spanish is the second most widely spoken native language in the world, after Mandarin and ahead of English, with an estimated 427 million native speakers worldwide. Furthermore, around 470 million people speak Spanish as a first or second language,Continue Reading

biggest churches in the world

Are you wondering about the biggest churches in the world? A church’s size can be determined using a variety of criteria. Area, volume, length, width, height, and capacity are examples of such measurements. Several churches claim to be “the largest church,” which could be due to any of these criteria.Continue Reading

Richest Spanish speaking countries in the world

Buenos dias hablas español? Good morning, do you speak Spanish? Who are the richest Spanish speaking countries in the world? The Spanish language is a Romance language that arose from colloquial spoken Latin in Europe’s Iberian Peninsula. It is now a global language with nearly 500 million native speakers, theContinue Reading