Best Secondary School In Nigeria According To WAEC

Which school is the best Secondary school in Nigeria according to WAEC? Find out below in this post. Many parents would love to give their children the best education they can afford. In fact some would even strive to achieve this aim even when their capabilities is limited.

Hence, the interest of parents in finding out the best Secondary school that can help their kids to become better future leaders and help them in growing up to be better individuals.

Best Secondary School In Nigeria According To WAEC

Back to the topic of discussion, the best Secondary school in Nigeria according to WAEC is Loyola Jesuit College, Wuse, Abuja as of 2018 according to Current School News.

You can also check the post to find out the list of the top 50 best Secondary schools in Nigeria according to WAEC.  Now that we know the name of the secondary school, let’s find out more about the school for those that are very interested in knowing more about the school.


Address of Loyola Jesuit College, Abuja

The secondary school is situated at 12 Loyola Street, Off Karu-Karshi Road Gidan Mangoro, Karu, 900109, Abuja.

How Much Is Loyola Jesuit College School Fees?

Loyola Jesuit College school fees is N2.8 million Naira per child. The fees cover the tuition, housing, textbooks, foods, clothing and other things so we can safely say that even though the price is quite expensive but you should be rest assured that your child is getting the best kind of education he or she can get in Nigeria.

About Loyola Jesuit College Scholarship

Students with very high pass mark are opportune to get scholarships for their University education in some schools abroad. Some of the schools include Creighton University, Canisius College, Fordham University, Georgetown University among others.

You can find out more about scholarships available for graduates of Loyola Jesuit College here.

Please note that the scholarships have different requirements and some are not for all the years of study. So, please ensure you do your own due diligence and find out all you think you should know.

Loyola Jesuit College Checklist

As with all schools everywhere, there is a Checklist that contains all the requirements each student must meet up with when they’re going to be admitted and other important information needed by the school. We found a sample of Loyola Jesuit College checklist here. However, please be aware that this sample might not be recent or it might have changed.

Loyola Jesuit College Abuja Application Form

For those that want to apply for their wards to get into the school, you should, first of all, ensure that you read the information on their website about the age requirement. You’ll also need to purchase a scratch card for the entrance examination. Registration is quite easy as it can be done online after getting the scratch card.

The states and locations where you can buy the scratch cards are shown below:


  • Loyola Jesuit College, Gidan-Mangoro, Abuja (Selling Centre)
  • John Paul II Catholic Centre, Wuse II, Abuja (Selling Centre)


  • Jesuit Curia, 5L. Agusto Close, Surulere, Lagos (Information Centre)
  • Sacred Heart Cath. Church, Creek Rd, Apapa, Lag (Information Centre)
  • Catholic Secretariat Force Road, Lagos. (Information Centre)
  • Maryland Private Sch. at St. Agnes, Maryland, Lagos (Selling Centre)
  • OLA Private School, Yaba, Lagos (Selling Centre)
  • St. Mary’s Private School, Broad Str. Lagos. (Selling Centre)
  • Assumption Catholic Church, Falomo, Lagos (Selling Centre)
  • SS Peter & Paul School, 3, Seed Rd,Ikate Elegushi Rd, Lekki (Selling Centre)


  • OLA Private School, Airport Road, Benin City. (Information Centre)

Port Harcourt

  • Pauline Book Centre, CIWA, Aba Ex-way, Port Harcourt (Selling Centre)
  • Jesuit Memorial College, Mbodo, Aluu, Port Harcourt (Information Centre)


  • Holy Child Convent, Marian Hill Road, Calabar (Selling Centre)


  • St. Ann’s Secondary School, Kakuri, Kaduna (Selling Centre)


  • St. Louis College, Joseph Gomwalk Road, Jos (Selling Centre)


  • Sacred Heart Primary School, Uwani, Enugu (Selling Centre)


  • Holy Martyrs of Uganda Seminary, Warri, Delta State (Selling Centre)
  • SS Peter & Paul School, 3, Seed Rd,Ikate Elegushi Rd, Lekki (Selling Centre)

Check out the Loyola Jesuit admission requirements page to find out more.

Loyola Jesuit College Abuja Website

The Abuja secondary school’s website can be found at You”LL find out more information about the school, how you can get in touch with them and the Loyola Jesuit College curriculum can likewise be found on the site.

Loyola Jesuit College Postal Code

If for one reason or the other you need the postal code of the school, it is 900109.

One final thing to note is that Loyola Jesuit College also has schools in some other states so if you do not want your child to travel away from you, you can find out if they have a school in your state so that your child can enrol there instead.

We hope with this post, you now know more about the best Secondary school in Nigeria according to WAEC. What else will you like to know that we haven’t covered? Leave your comments below.

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