16 Free Online Jobs That Pay Daily ([currentyear])

There is a lot of genuine work from home jobs in Nigeria and free online jobs that pay daily that job seekers can do and still be able to make tangible income from. There are online jobs that pay hourly, pay daily or weekly.

These are also suitable online jobs for undergraduate students in Nigeria looking to earn money during the period of their studies. The best part is some of these jobs require little to no capital to start.


You just basically need to have a smartphone and internet but it is much better if you have a laptop to support it.

Having a work at home job makes it easy to choose the amount of work a person or job seeker will like to do or the time frame he’ll like to delegate for the job. Real work from home jobs also provides flexibility to work from the comfort of your home without the need to travel around.

This has become even more important due to the high rate of unemployment in the country, hence the need for Nigerians to find ways to earn income by themselves without relying on white-collar jobs.

Some people decide to become entrepreneurs by starting a small scale business while others go through the work at the home route.

Other online jobs have other specific requirements attached to them so you have to know what is required for the kind of work at home jobs you want to go into.

To answer the question, “Which job can I do at home with a computer and get well paid in Nigeria? There are much legitimate work from home jobs in Nigeria available for different kinds of people.

These business ideas are suitable for different groups of people including and not limited to students, housewives, pregnant or moms with kids, job seekers whether men or women and so on.


This post consists of business ideas for housewives, legit online jobs for stay at home moms, good home business ideas for those interested in trying something different from the regular 9 to 5 jobs.

Are you interested in finding hot online jobs in Nigeria that pay daily which you can do? Browse through our selection of work from home jobs that are currently trending and from which you can earn income without leaving your home.


Suitable For: This is one of the free online jobs that pay daily which is perfect for the creative thinker that can produce interesting video content people can relate to that can reach a lot of people and have the potential to go viral within a short period of time.

Description: Creation of video content on different issues, topics, products, companies, gathering, and presenting informational content in video format.

How To Start: You can register for Youtube accounts and share unique, captivating, and engaging content on your Youtube Channel.

Examples of content you can create and share include skits, comedy, prank videos, reviews on music videos, movies, products, gadgets, vlogs, and many more.

Monetization of the Youtube channel is done through Google Adsense and Youtube Partners Program application can be done after reaching 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours on your channel.


Suitable For: Another free online job for students or someone that has administrative, creative, and technical abilities to handle different kinds of tasks and activities at a time and via a computer or mobile phone.

Description: Provide different services and certain kinds of activities online such as creative, administrative, and technical tasks for companies, organizations, government, health care centers, legal and finance companies.

How To Start: You can start this work from home and get paid daily jobs by running a search for virtual assistant jobs in Nigeria through Jiji, Jobberman, and Fiverr, Upwork Google for international virtual assistant jobs.

You can likewise contact companies in Nigeria and find out if they require your services as a virtual assistant.


Suitable For: People with an affinity for constructing interesting and engaging write-ups and content.

Description: Freelancing is one of the daily payment online jobs. Freelance writing involves creating content or writing articles that can be used for magazines, websites, blog posts in exchange for money.

How To Start: Check on sites like Fiverr and Upwork to get online writing jobs in Nigeria. You can likewise check sites like Jobberman, Jobsinnigeria, Gigajobs, and the likes. There are so many of them.

Use the search word “get writing jobs in Nigeria” or “work online and get paid in Nigeria” and get free online jobs that pay daily related to Freelance writing.


Suitable For: People that have programming knowledge, write codes, or know how to use WordPress for designing different kinds of websites.

Description: Website designer is one of the legit online jobs that pays in Nigeria. Use of programming and coding skills or other web tools to develop websites either for commercial or personal use.

A website designer or developer’s skills can as well be used in consulting, publishing, and advertisement issues related to website development.

How To Start: Search in forums like Nairaland to find users that are in need of website developers or you can also create a topic and let people on the forum know the type of services you render and they’ll contact you if they’re interested.

Ensure you inform people around you about your website development capabilities and show them your portfolio so they’ll understand that you’re not a novice at it.

25 Free Online Jobs That Pay Daily


Suitable For: Job seekers can assist clients in getting travel documents, information, or assist in making travel plans.

It is also preferable that the person has an interest and specializes in the travel niche which will make it easier for the person to make more money from these type of jobs.

Description: Assist clients in getting the best travel deals available for the destinations they intend to travel to. You also assist them in reducing the hassles involved in travelling issues by saving them time and money.

This is one of the available online jobs in Nigeria that pays really well as many people in the country love to travel.

How To Start: This requires you to have a smartphone and an internet connection. Much better if you can afford a laptop or computer as it’ll make your work from home so much easier.

Get in touch with host agencies around Nigeria and inform them of your wish to become an agent or consultant for them. If they agree, they pay you commissions on a client basis. They also give you better deals than the ones on the regular market.


Suitable For: Someone with the ability to relate to people, provide help to people, have a lot of patience, great language skills, and empathy.

Description: Customer care representative is a free online business that pays daily in nigeria. A customer care representative assists customers in solving their problems by providing answers to their questions, giving information about products and services being rendered by the company they are working for, making reservations, taking orders, and processing returns among others.

How To Start: Ensure you have the needed skills to be a good customer care representative as this is essential to your success in the business.

To get these jobs, you can run job searches on Jobberman, Hotnigerianjobs, Myjobmag, and the like.

You can likewise utilize your social media account to advertise your services and get people interested in your customer care services.


Suitable For: Someone with the ability to impart knowledge to other people by teaching.

Description:Online tutor is one of the jobs that pay daily cash online. Teach people online about any topic you have a vast knowledge of. Provide comprehensive information on them, create pdf, PowerPoint, or Word documents to aid learners.

How To Start: Provide courses and tutoring on Udemy and get paid for your services. The easiest way is to find people around your neighbourhood that need home tutor services.

Other online tutoring services can be provided through Skype and other messengers available. Find parents looking for tutors for their kids or university students looking for someone to tutor them in their school courses.

This is another profitable free online jobs that pay daily you can do if you possess the needed skills.


Suitable For: Someone with a talent for marketing, communication, problem-solving, productivity, decision-making skills among other skills.

Description: Helping clients to get customers to purchase a product, service or getting visitors to visit a client’s website and getting commissions or earning profit for it.

It also entails marketing other people’s products so as to get a commission on the purchase. Note that you only get the commission when a visitor has actually performed an action such as visit a client’s site or purchasing their product.

How To Start: There are so many who get paid daily to work online jobs related to affiliate programs you can join for both national and international.

Example of affiliate programs you can join in Nigeria includes Jumia affiliates, Jiji affiliate, Konga affiliate, Payporte, and Whogohost.

For international affiliates, we have Aliexpress affiliate, Amazon, Viglink, Grammarly and so many more. In fact, the list is so long that we can’t mention them all. However, you can read this Top affiliate marketing program post to get more information.


Suitable For: A person that has creativity, analytical, IT, interpersonal, organizational, written communication, and oral skills and an inclination for creative imagination.

Description: An information marketer deals with creating, selling, and promoting problem-solving digital products that can be in the form of videos, coaching and training programs, e-books, software, and audio.

How To Start: Decide on the topic that you have extensive knowledge on and the method you will use to provide solutions whether in audio, video, or ebook format. Then, start working on it and make sure its a well done and comprehensive content.

After completion, go to your social media accounts to advertise to people.

Note that for this to make money for you, you have to select a topic that is very hot which many people are interested in and wouldn’t mind paying money for.



Suitable For: Someone that has excellent skills in accuracy, typing, computer, numeracy skills, and basic literacy. Having knowledge of different software packages is a big plus that is almost as important as the other skills mentioned above. Compulsorily, computer skill is a must-have.

Description: Data entry clerk is another work at home job that anyone can do. Data entry jobs involve collecting, collating, and entering data in databases such as Excel and then ensuring all provided information and data input are correct and accurate.

How To Start: Find organizations that are interested in moving from paper documents to digital documentation or moving from offline to online methods. Search sites like Linkedin, Nairaland, NgCareers, and CareerJets for data entry jobs that you can do at home.


Suitable For: Those with very fast fingers for typing documents within a short period of time.

Description: Has to do with working with hand-written or scanned images, converting audio content to typed content, and making use of databases and spreadsheets on the computer. Doing freelance type can help you get paid daily through your cell phone.

How To Start: These online data entry jobs in Nigeria can be found by posting in Facebook groups or Jiji to advertise your talent so those in need of your services can contact you from there.

These free online jobs that pay daily are still a bit hard to find online so you might have more results with using the offline search method. This can be done via word of mouth, networking, or printing flyers to distribute in a particular area.


Suitable For: Someone with the ability to compile interesting content for social media platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook that can be used for increasing, promoting a company or brand’s social growth and awareness.

Description: Provides an increase in brand awareness for clients, raise traffic to their websites, and increase a brand or company’s reputation online through the use of social media.

How To Start: You can contact people on popular social media to discuss with them if they require a social media consultant and analyst and how you can help them to improve their brand and social media pages.


Suitable For: Designers with creative talent for designing graphics and can work on their computers right from their homes.

Description: Creation of logos, images, typographies, motion graphics for websites, nylons, packaging, brand, companies, electronic media, and publishing media. Graphic designers can work from home start today, get paid today.

How To Start: Advertise your graphic designer services on Facebook and Instagram. From there, you should be able to get a large number of customers.

Join Facebook groups and talk to people there. From experience, there are so many people looking for these services but you only have to make sure your prices are very affordable.


Suitable For: A knowledgeable and enthusiastic person in English, spotting errors, and mistakes in articles or printed works. Someone that is meticulous with details and very precise.

Description: Ensures that the provided content is error-free, well-phrased, and contains correct sentences. Performs revising, rewriting, and reviewing of documents and articles.

How To Start: You can dip your feet in the water by proofreading your friends’ and family’s work to confirm your abilities. Afterwards, go and apply for proofreading jobs on Jooble, Jobrapido, and Jobzilla.

Once again, note that social media is your friend and you should always ensure you utilize it for things like a job search.

There are a lot of people in need of proofreaders and editors making this one of the hot free online jobs.


Suitable For: Writer with great writing skills that can compose an interesting article.

Description: This is one of the easy work from home jobs that have to do with writing, editing, promoting unique content on web pages, generating, pitching, and composing ideas, marketing published articles to readers, and conducting intensive research. It is one of the top 10 free online jobs that pay daily.

How To Start: Find a website developer to help you design a website where you can be posting your content on.

If you can’t afford the money for designing a website, go ahead and open a subdomain website on Blogspot or WordPress and set up your new website.

If you’re the type that learns fast, you might be able to set up the sites easily yourself but if not, you may still need to pay someone to help you set it up but it wouldn’t be as expensive as the first option.

You can find people that run blogs like ours and contact them to write for them and get paid for creating unique content for their site.

Some blog sites will even allow you to write under your name so when you share the post, your friends and family will see it is your write up.


Suitable For: Coders with programming talent and creative minds.

Description: Make use of programming languages to write software and applications that can be used to perform functions for which they are designed. Improving on current applications being used by clients and adding new features to it. Mobile app development is also one of the best free online jobs that pay daily.

How To Start: Find interesting ideas for which you can create mobile apps and then market it to people.

Another way is to discuss with companies and try to think of a mobile app that will increase their customer base. Pitch it to them and let them know the advantages of getting a mobile app developed.

Check on Jiji, Jobberman, and Nairaland forums for available jobs in mobile app development.

And here we are at the end of an inconclusive list because there are still so many genuine works from home jobs in Nigeria and free online jobs that pay daily that one can dabble in if you have the right skills.

Many of this work at home jobs are also online jobs for students in Nigeria. As time goes on, we’ll keep updating the list as we find more work at home jobs and get paid opportunities that can be utilized.

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