Top 10 Nigerian Female Comedians On Instagram (2021)

There are now many Nigerian female comedians on Instagram. Instagram has become one of Nigeria’s most popular apps, and we have to give respect to these Instagram comedians for consistently producing humorous content that keeps users engaged on the network.

With the amount of stress society and the country place on us, having someone break our ribs is a huge relief. You just need someone to put a smile on your face after a long day, and this group of Nigerian female comedians has done nothing but make us happy by providing us with reasons to laugh. They post videos on social media that are the frosting on the cake.

After reading our top 10 Instagram influencers in Nigeria post. Let’s take a look through the list of female comedians on Instagram to see if you can find your favourite.

Top 10 Nigerian Female Comedians on Instagram


Emmanuella is one of the youngest and top comedians in Nigeria. Emmanuela Samuel is popularly known as Emmanuella. She was born on the 22nd July 2010 in Port Harcourt, River State, Nigeria. She was born and raised in Nigeria. She is 11 years old as of 2021. Emmanuella is originally from Imo State. She is the cousin of Mark Angel.

She came to the spotlight after starring in the Mark Angel Comedy. She became very famous after working in the parody skit “This Is Not My Real Face Oh”.Emmanuella began comedy when she was in primary 1. Because of her intelligence, she spoke her lines very well. And her performance is liked by the audience.

Emmanuella won the G Influence Niger Delta Special Talent Award in the year 2015. She also achieved City People Award and NEA Award. In Nigeria, She is the most popular kid celebrity known worldwide. 


If you are an African, you must definitely be familiar with the disciplinary actions of African parents, African mothers, in particular. If you are familiar with trending comedy skits, you definitely must have met Taaooma, the ingenious comedian who has made hilarious skits especially on how African mothers discipline their children.

Taooma’s Real name is Apaokagi Adedoyin Maryam, Although she is a Nigerian, she had most of her education in Namibia when her parents moved. Seeing her flourishing career in Arts and entertainment, you might likely guess she had her undergraduate studies in Arts, but, Taaooma returned to Kwara State University, Ilorin, Nigeria where she had her Bachelor’s degree in Tourism and Hospitality. 


Gloria Oloruntobi (born February 6, 1997), better known as Maraji, is a Nigerian comedian. She started her career making videos and miming songs. Maraji role plays in her comedy skits and switches between accents and vocal pitches to suit each character she plays.

In 2016 while she was in her 300 Level (3rd year), 2nd semester, during the holidays, out of boredom she called a friend up, and during their conversation, her friend asked her if she has heard a new Nicki Minaj’s song which had just been released.

And the end of their conversation, Maraji listened to the song and made a lip-sync video, and sent it back to her friend who found the video very interesting and urged her to post it online but Maraji declined due to fear of being ridiculed. Her friend went on to post the video without her permission/blessing and the video gained traction online and got positive reviews.

After making a series of lip-sync videos for popular songs, she decided to be dynamic and started making lip-sync videos of popular comedy videos where she acted crazier than the original character but with the same audio, and the videos performed way better than the song lip-sync videos.

After building a huge following on Instagram then she started making comedy skits and she has since grown to become one of the top ten Nigerians Instagram comedies


Chioma Omeruah, popularly known as Chigul, is a multi-talented award-winning Nigerian comedienne, actress, singer, and songwriter. The delectable Chigul speaks six different languages, including Espanol, Hausa, Igbo, French, and Italiano.

Chioma can also transform into eleven different characters, and Chigul is her most popular character. Chioma Omeruah was born on the 14th of May 1976 in Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria, to Late Air Commodore Samson Omeruah, and his wife Mrs. Omeruah, as the second child, and first daughter of four children.

Her father was a strict disciplinarian and a public figure. Chigul always had a flair for singing and acting, but never comedy. For her, comedy just happened, it was never planned. She does funny voice notes, then sends them to her friends. Her friends would listen, laugh, and delete the voice note.

Then, she did a particular voice note that went viral on social media. That voice note marked the beginning of her journey to stardom and fame. For Chigul, her voice was known before her face.

People could only relate to her voice. No one knew the face behind Chigul. Her first physical appearance was at Basketmouth’s comedy show, where she was invited to perform live on stage.

Chigul started just like most female comedians these days, on the internet. Posting little clips here and there made her go viral, and as quickly as her star begun rising, Chigul didn’t let it slip. She took every opportunity, venturing into stand-up comedy, acting, and even music.


Nita Asuoha popularly knowns as was born Real Warri Pikin was born in Warri, Delta State, Nigeria. She is the third of six children. She studied Political Science/Public Administration at the Benson Idahosa University Benini City skits and graduated in 2012.

She married Mr Victor Ikechukwu Asuoha in 2013. She started pursuing comedy seriously when she was broke and depressed, and then said to herself, “why not start making videos to motivate and funnily inspire people.

Besides being a comedian who makes people laugh uncontrollably, Real Warri Pikin is also an OAP and a film actress. When she started, she was not very good at acting professionally, but with constant practice, she managed to grab the ropes.

She is known for her role in Merry Men 2, a film co-produced by Ayo Makun (AY). In addition to its portfolio, Real Warri Pikin presents the MAX Drive Show in MAX 90.9 FM Abuja from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Real Warri Pikin is one of the famous comediennes in Nigeria, and that comes with a lot of hard work and creativity and she’s also really beautiful with great style!


The funny lady who has gotten popular for her very funny jokes, and gone viral many times for her unmatched baby voice and character, is the woman to beat in the Nigerian comedy game.

Helen Paul was born on January 29, 1978, and was brought up by her grandmother in Lagos. After her secondary education, she attended the University of Lagos where she obtained her Bachelor, Masters, and Doctorate in Theatre Arts in 2010, 2012, and 2019 respectively.

Helen Paul is also known as Tatafo is a Nigerian comedienne, compere, singer, media personality, and actress. Helen began her career at the Eko Remix Studios as a front desk officer.

She then worked as a backup singer and voice-over artist. Today, she is not only a successful entertainer but also a successful entrepreneur who motivates and inspires young ladies. Also, whenever Helen chooses to give us a look, she cleans up very nicely and that gave people more reason to love and respect her


Adeyela Adebola popularly known as Lizzy Jay “Omo Ibadan’ is a popular Nigerian Comedian, host, singer, actress, and model born on September 17. She is one of the comediennes currently rocking the Nigerian entertainment industry, her comedy skit is always making waves on social media.

Lizzy originally hails from Ile-Ife, Osun State. She attended the School of Science in Ile-Ife for her primary and secondary education. She also obtained a degree in Microbiology at the Federal Polytechnic Ede.

Omo Ibadan as fondly called is one of the few female comedians that has carved a niche for herself in the entertainment industry. Lizzy started her career in 2017 with being a comedian. She became a sensation to watch with her intriguing comedy skits online


Nons-Miraj whose real name is Chinonso Ukah but is widely known as Ada Jesus or Nons Miraj on her social media is a beautiful popular Nigerian actress, comedienne, compere, media personality, and brand influencer.

Chinonso Ukah is a 26 years old comedian. She celebrated her 26th birthday on May 27, 2021. She is known to always post her comedy on her social media most especially Instagram lets just say Nons Miraj is an Instagram sensation as she started her career in acting just after graduating from University.

Nons Miraj is very popular on Instagram as she has done so many comedy skits with top Nigerian comedians. She is currently a brand ambassador to Magic Revive Company and Sidon Magic Oil.


Amarachi Amusi popularly known as Ashmusy was born on 25 July 1995 is a Nigerian Entrepreneur, skits and social media influencer, and internet celebrity. She attended a Good learning school, Gbagada, Lagos State, and secondary school education at Federal Government College, Enugu State.

After which she proceeded to Madonna University, Elele in 2012 and graduated in 2016. Upon discovering Instagram Videos, Amarachi began producing comedy skits, which she shared on the social media platform.

The skits enjoyed rave reviews, bringing her relative success as a content creator in Instagram, also provides content for brands in Nigeria.


Wofai Egu Ewa popularly known as Wofai Fada is a Nigerian comedienne, TV presenter, actress, and entrepreneur. Boasting over 1.1M followers, she has made her mark in the entertainment industry with her hilarious skits.

Having a funny demeanour, her friends advised her to record some of her jokes – this saw her releasing online skits in 2014 as a casual hobby which turned out to be a career. Wofai Fada has worked alongside other top comedians like Craze Clown, AphricanApe 06, EmmaOhMaGod, and others. Her first hosting gig was at MTN Lovers Ball in 2015.

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