20 Profitable Products To Import From China (2021)

What are the most profitable products to import from China to Nigeria? There are so many of them, however, we’ll be looking at some of them in this post. Firstly, what does import mean? Importing implies importing products or services from another country into your own.

Mini importation is very common in Nigeria. Many online merchants use a common approach of researching profitable items to import from China, purchasing them, and then selling them on B2C e-commerce platforms (or wholesale). Another variation of this technique is the drop-shipping concept.

How do you choose products to import?  There should be a checklist for product selection. The following are the significant components of the product selection checklist:  Simple, unique, cheap, has a high frequency of sales, easy to use, has a high-profit margin and lastly in high demand.

Profitable Products To Import From China

The following are the top 20 most profitable Chinese imports to Nigeria currently.

1. Wireless Phone Chargers

Wireless phone chargers are popular because they provide more mobility and convenience. Wireless chargers will become more popular since newer phone models from nearly every manufacturer are designed to work with them. Not only are these wireless models safer, but they also look nice on your desk.

2. Men’s Smart Sports Watch

Many men are unconcerned about the brand when it comes to accessories. On products like sports watches, the emphasis is on functionality and features. As a result, Chinese sports watches may be quite straightforward to sell.

They come with a variety of functions and are available in various forms and sizes, all at a very low price. Individuality reigns supreme as a significant determinant in sales, as it does in most fashion-forward trends.

3. Video Door Bells

Installing a video doorbell in your home can be demonstrated in videos that can be found online. Like a security camera, it may be connected to your smartphone via the internet. Prices are a little expensive because they are still relatively new, therefore obtaining this product at an affordable price will give you an edge over the competitors.

4. IP Security Cameras

It is more convenient to utilize an IP camera than it is to use a regular camera. You may link your phone to the internet to monitor or gain entry to your house or any other location.  Most Chinese internet merchants sell IP cameras at a wholesale fee of $20, depending on the characteristics.

5. LED Mirrors

LED lights are becoming increasingly popular as an add-on feature since they are less expensive and brighter than non-LED lights, and they last longer. The applications have nearly completely reimagined ordinary items like mirrors.

People have an easier time selecting to buy this instead of a standard mirror because the benefit justifies the additional cost.

6. Wi-Fi Repeater

It is possible to purchase Wi-Fi repeaters in a variety of sizes and shapes, some of which resemble flip phones. However, there are always merchants who sell devices with a broader range at a lower price. If you want your customers to be happy, provide them with a wide range of options.

7. Statement Necklaces

It is possible to wear statement necklaces in many different ways. Incorporate them into your outfits for special events or as a way to spice things up at work. A large part of the product’s price is related to the high quality of the design.

You may buy this in bulk and make a lot of money doing so. The Chinese manufacturer offers a wide range of designs at a cheap price.

8. School Backpacks

Students and travellers need reliable backpacks, but they are expensive and you may be surprised to find some other popular products that cost much less if you check out other Chinese wholesalers. Some backpacks cost $24.99 each, yet a Chinese seller sells them in quantity for $9.75.

9. Air Fryer

People are becoming more conscious about their health and look for healthy alternatives for their favourite food. This product, on the other hand, can be acquired in quantity from China for as little as $35, so consider importing them and profiting from this rising trend.

10. Orthopedic Pillows

An orthopaedic pillow is a type of pillow that is used to adjust body posture while laying in bed or on any other surface. And it has been increasingly popular in recent years as a result of the safe and healthy slumber it provides to sleepers.

This pillow costs $8 in quantity, so don’t waste your time, just import them and re-sell them at a better price.

11. 4K Digital Camera

You might wish to explore importing high-quality cameras from China if your company sells electronics. When buying 4K digital cameras at retail, they are normally quite expensive, but Chinese producers can sell them for a very low price, allowing you to make a big profit.

A lot of Chinese brands offer the same quality and features as well-known names in the United States.

12. Motion Sensor Solar Outdoor Lights

For socially aware customers, solar lights are a must-have item. Furthermore, they have practical uses that help to improve other items on the market today. Solar illumination gives products that are often tethered to electrical connections or have limited battery life more mobility.

These solar outdoor lights with motion sensors are a perfect illustration of the low-cost, high-tech items available in China.

13. 24-piece Professional Cosmetic Brush Set

Makeup artists use cosmetic brushes, but makeup tutorials and vloggers have made the use of cosmetic brushes so simple that even non-professionals can use them. Because almost everyone wants to use a cosmetics brush, there is a huge demand for them.

It is available from a Chinese manufacturer for a cheap whale sale price.

14. Mini Tire Inflator

Mini tire inflators are a relatively new concept, but as the number of petrol stations offering air tire services declines, demand will rise. People are always looking for more handy product options, so having one of these on hand takes relatively little space in your luggage, which makes travel safer and easier.

15. Water Sports Shoes

Water sports shoes are one of those items that you don’t realize you’re missing out on until you see them. You may buy these goods in bulk from a Chinese manufacturer, and you’ll be able to choose from some patterns, colors, and sizes for men, women, and children.

Water sports shoes are becoming increasingly popular among customers, and they are perfect to sell during the summer.

16. Selfie Ring Light

These lights are used to increase the quality of films and images. For both photos and video shots on a phone camera, social media influencers have been using phone selfie ring lights to create a gorgeous, pleasing, and professional lighting arrangement.

And the best part is that it comes in a variety of sizes, allowing you to customize it to meet the needs of your consumers. The phone selfie ring lights may be imported from China for a wholesale price of $1.20 each.

17. Smart Speakers

Smart speakers include many of the same functions as smartphones. Because the majority of famous brands for these types of gadgets are fairly expensive, you can take advantage of this market by importing identical products at a lesser price.

Smart speakers may be purchased in bulk from China for $9 apiece, with the same functionality as the $24.99 retail price.

18. Dead Sea Mud Mask

Recently, Beauty items from Asia are extremely popular. but they are kind of expensive when purchased in retail stores. For example, you can get a product that costs $10 for a  piece.

You may discover similar items for $3 per with the proper China supplier and sell them as directly imported from Asia, which can add to their attractiveness.

19. Derma Roller System

Derma rollers are used to massage the skin to improve the texture. They are thought to increase the production of collagen, which helps to heal scars and reduce pores when used in conjunction with face cream.

This tool has been available for a while, but it was exclusively used by dermatologists until lately. It’s a terrific opportunity for merchants because derma rollers and cream may now be coupled to make it a much more affordable price for the consumer.

20. Men’s Grooming Kit

Do It Yourself (DIY) videos have made personal, professional grooming become easier thanks to videos, and this has made the demand for personal grooming supplies increase. This gadget is popular since it is simple to use and can save men money on costly salon or barber visits.

You can get this item purchased at wholesale price for $10.50 and sell at the rate of $55, resulting in a potentially large profit. All of these items are available on Alibaba.com, and while prices fluctuate, you’ll discover that their wholesale costs are substantially lower.

You’ll find unique, interesting, and perhaps profitable products to import if you spend some time looking through their categories.

After selecting your products, find good shipping companies that can help you transport the goods from China to Nigeria at good rates.

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