Top 10 Smallest States In Nigeria By Land Mass

We are going to provide information on the smallest states in Nigeria by land mass. Now, the sizes of these states can never and should never be judged by how developed they are, and while a high population density might negatively affect the development and improvement of that state, it might not always be the case.

In fact, in Nigeria, the smallest states found in the country, are mostly located in the southern part (south southern and southeastern parts) of the country but these states can be said to be better developed than the majority of the states in the northern part of the country, which have the largest states by landmass.

For example, Lagos has the smallest landmass but is the richest state in the country with a high rate of revenue. Of course, there are other factors that can affect a state’s development and productivity besides the population density of that area.

These factors include; natural resources, educational prowess, as well as a host of other factors including good governance. But today, we would disregard population density and we shall have a look at ten of the smallest states in Nigeria by landmass. Let us take a look at the smallest states in Nigeria.

Top 10 Smallest States In Nigeria By Landmass


This being the last on our list is the 10th smallest state in Nigeria with a land area of 10773 km sq. It was created from the old rivers state and Bayelsa just like River state is a rich oil producing state located in the south southern zone.

This state is the least populated state in Nigeria with the lowest number of local government areas. It was in this state the crude oil was first discovered in large quantities in the year 1956.


This is the ninth smallest state in Nigeria with a land area of 9251 km sq. This is a southwestern state dominated by the Yorubas. It was created from the old Oyo state in the year 1991.

It is known to be the base of the Yoruba race and culture as it is believed that the Yoruba nation was originated from Ile-Ife. Ile-Ife is well known for its bronze, stone, and terracotta sculptures.


This is the eighth smallest state in the country with a land area of 7161 km sq. This state is very popular for coal mining and is home to the prestigious University of Nigeria, Nsukka. Enugu was birthed out of the previous Anambra state and they share a border as well as a distinct similarity among inhabitants of the states.


With it capital city of Uyo. It is one of the most beautiful places in the country with a lot of tourist centers. This is the seventh smallest state in the country and the highest oil-producing state.

This state is one of the richest states and most of its revenue comes from its tourist revenue. Akwa Ibom has a land area of 7081 km sq.


This is the second southwestern state on his list and is the sixth smallest state in the country with a total land area of 6353 km sq. It has one of the smallest populations in the country just like Ebonyi state. The state is famous for having the highest number of professors.


One of the major oil-producing states that s located in the SouthEastern zone of the country, it was carved out of Imo state. This is the fifth smallest state in the country with a land area of 6320 km Sq. and is one of the richest Eastern states.


Found in the south eastern zone of the nation, Ebonyi state is the fourth smallest state in Nigeria with the land mass of 5670 km Sq. and was carved out of Enugu state. Ebonyi state without an iota of any doubt happens to be the state in Nigeria with the least population out of the thirty-six (36) states that the country boasts of.

Its capital city is Abakaliki and its inhabitant are mainly into agriculture.


Referred to as the eastern heartland, this is the third smallest city in Nigeria with Owerri as its capital. Imo state has a land mass of 5450 km sq. and it also gets its name from the Imo River which is also one of the major rivers in Nigeria. This state also belongs to the southeastern state.


This is the second smallest state in the nation found in the southeastern part of Nigeria. Home to one of the busiest commercial city Onitsha. It has a land area of 4844 km sq.

Its name was gotten from one of the longest rivers in Nigeria which flows through that area. Anambra state is also an oil-producing state. Despite its size, Anambra has gone on to become one of the most developed and productive states in Nigeria.


Lagos whose capital is Ikeja is the smallest state in Nigeria by land mass but the most populated state in the country. As earlier stated, it is the richest state of the nation. Lagos state land mass is a total land area of 3577kmsq. Its commercial and economic activities and revenues are the highest in the country.

It boasts of two major seaports and has the busiest airport in the nation. According to speculations, if Lagos were to be a country of its own it would rank as the country with the fifth-largest economy in Africa.

Many top companies both foreign and local have their headquarters in Lagos, Today, the state continues to expand both in population and landmass, a feat that is made possible by acquiring a few territories from its neighboring states.

The states listed above are the smallest states in Nigeria only in landmass as it has some rich and self-sufficient states found in them like Lagos which has major seaports and some Eastern states that are also oil-producing states.

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