How To Wear Crop Top Without Looking Trashy

Interested in how to wear crop tops without looking trashy and without bearing the belly, this post will show you different crop top modest fashion outfit ideas. Today, I present to you different ways to wear crop tops modestly. There are probably a lot of people that are of the opinion that they can’t wear crop top outfits due to the midriff-baring problem. Others are probably looking for how to wear crop tops modestly. However, this isn’t an issue again with the ideas for crop top fashion you’ll find in this post.

Are Crop Tops Trashy?

No, they are not so far you wear them in a modest way. For instance, wear them under a blouse, jacket, long jackets and so on.

What Is The Appropriate Age To Wear Crop Top?

There’s no specific age to wear crop so far it’s worn modestly or in the ways written in this post.

You wouldn’t actually be exposing anything to people’s view. So, I honestly don’t see why it can’t be worn by any age group.

Can I Pull Off A Crop Top Outfit?

Yes, you can. It’s no hard maths and it’s not restricted to a particular set or group of women. Just having an idea of how to style the crop tops for your body shape or type is the important thing.

What To Wear Under A Crop Top

There are many things you can wear under a crop top such as high waist pants, shirts, high waist jeans, long skirts, ruffled tops, loose t-shirts, tank tops among others.

Here are different ideas on how to wear a crop top modestly.

How To Layer Crop Tops

There are two ways of layering crop tops. These are the layering over method and the layering under method. These two different ways to wear crop tops are explained below.

Layering Over

One of the best ways to wear crop tops is to wear jackets, blazers, vests or sweaters on them. This kind of combo is good for different kinds of occasions such as formal, informal, family and friends meeting and so on.

Layering Under

This involves wearing crop tops on armless tops, gowns, or long tops. You can mixed patterns, combine stripes, or try matching sets together.

You can also layer a blouse underneath before wearing your crop top with whatever choice of clothing you want to wear.

Combine Crop Tops With High Waist Skirts

One of the key methods of wearing crop tops on skirt modestly is to make sure you wear high waist skirts. If you’re keen on how to hide your stomach with crop tops, high waist bottoms such as skirts or pants, or jeans are the answer.

How To Make A Crop Top Longer

To make your crop top longer, pair it with a tunic, long top or blouse. Or better still just buy a longer crop top.

How To Wear A Crop Top If You Have A Belly

If you’re the type that doesn’t have a flat tummy, you’re probably thinking crop tops are not for you. But there’s really nothing stopping you from wearing a crop top without a flat stomach. You only need to try wearing your crop tops over camisoles, tank tops, fitted buttoned down blouses and t-shirts.

Also, always go for crop tops that are a bit long and with loose-fitting. Note that crop top length is very important for you.

If you still haven’t understood the tricks to wearing crop tops modestly, I bet the following images are going to help open your mind to a lot of possibilities. Have fun and keep the modest dressing going.

Crop Top With Dress

hijabi crop top

Hijabi wearing crop top
Photo Credit: Lookbook

Here’s a crop top paired under a nice sleeveless gown and accessorized with a belt and a wristwatch.

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Pair a crop top over a simple dress for a casual day out at the beach.

Crop Top With Pants or Trousers

You can also wear the crop top with wider – leg trousers or very free trousers.

crop top fashion

crop top fashion 20

For the crop top outfit above, you can add a long jacket to this outfit if you want more coverage like in the case of many hijabis who might not want their hands to show. Adding a jacket could also help in getting a more laid back and casual look if that’s what you’re aiming for.

How To Wear A Loose Crop Top

A loose crop top can be paired with a maxi skirt, palazzo pants or wide-leg pants, high waisted skirts and pants, or even a pair of jeans. Check out the pictures below to see how to wear a loose crop top outfit.

white crop top with skirt

how to wear loose crop top modestly

Pair a loose crop top with a striped pant and add a bag and sunglasses as accessories.

crop top fashion 7 min

Combine a plain loose crop top with a wide pants trouser or palazzo pant to achieve a beautiful crop top with palazzo outfit.

crop top over sleeveless top

Layer a crop top over a sleeveless top. Here’s one of the popular crop top styles you can’t go wrong with.

how to wear crop top with jeans
Photo Credit: Pinterest

The outfit above shows how to wear a crop top with jeans in a stylish, chic and modest way. It’s also a nice way of making crop top longer.

Crop Tops With Skirt


Wear a crop top with a high waist skirt. If you think the crop top might open, wear an inner blacktop under to avoid any fashion mishap. A long jacket can be worn over this kind of outfit if you want.

white crop top and peach maxi skirt

Wear a leather jacket over a crop top and a long maxi skirt.

crop top modest fashion with high waist skirt
Photo Credit: Pinterest

Pair with a high waist chiffon maxi skirt and nice heels with a beautiful bag to complete your look.


photo of crop top modest fashion

photo of black crop top with striped maxi skirt
Photo Credit: Pinterest

Wear a black crop top over a striped maxi skirt to achieve a formal outfit look.

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Wear a crop top with an undershirt or long button-down shirt and a nice skirt.

Photo Credit: OutfitTrends

Now you know how to wear crop tops without looking trashy. Would you rock this crop top outfits ideas or not, please share with us. If you have other ways of rocking it apart from our ideas, you can leave your message below.

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