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42 Exciting Things To Do In Lagos Nigeria At Least Once


If you’re visiting Lagos and interested in sightseeing Lagos, these areas of sightseeing are a must to visit. We have compiled a list of 42 things to do in Lagos Nigeria for you to try.


Find your way to Lekki Conservation Centre and satisfy your interest in nature.

lekki conservation centre lagos
Photo Credit: Hotels.ng

It is one of the best conservation centres around and not that expensive to try out the experience.

Go for a date at Oniru Private Beach, take a walk on the beach and enjoy the environment till it is evening.

Oniru private beach lagos
Photo Credit: Hotels.ng

However, ensure you don’t wander too far out in the waters as the sea waves can be ferocious.

Visit the Nike Art Gallery and textile museum with over 7000 artefacts for you to feed your eyes on.

nike art gallery lagos
Source: SassyFunke

The best part is that everything is at zero entry fee and you get to purchase the pieces you like.

Visit Tarkwa Bay Beach for a boat tour Lagos Outside Lagos Island.

Tarkwa Bay Beach lagos
Photo Credit: JumiaTravel

It is located some distance away from Lagos Island and your only way to get to the beach is by boat. One of the things to do in Lagos Nigeria that you shouldn’t miss.

Take a trip to Bogobiri House in Ikoyi and get loaded with more knowledge of art and music.

bogobiri house lagos
Source: Bogobiri

Also available for your enjoyment are the Nimbus gallery, orisirisi take away and an assembly of entertainment and interesting events.

Visit the former Old Broad Street Prison now known as the Freedom Park which is dedicated to the past Heroes.

freedom park lagos
Source: JumiaTravel

Freedom Park serves as a historical landmark that preserves the history, culture and heritage of the Nigerian people.

Find your way to Ikeja Shopping Mall at Ikeja, Lagos. One of the fun places in Ikeja.

Ikeja shopping mall pictures
Source: Hotelsng

You get to experience a truckload of activities in this place such as buy clothes and accessories, watch movies, eat great food among other things.

Attend cultural performances at the National Theatre.

National Theatre lagos nigeria
Source: Lagos Television

Don’t worry about not getting a space as the hall is fit to hold around 3000 people. When you’re through, mark it out as one of the things to do in Nigeria.

Go see the New Afrika Shrine dedicated to the late Fela Anikulapo Kuti at Ikeja.

New Afrika Shrine lagos
Source: Graceland

The musical performances are from another world of its own.

Visit the almighty National Museum at Onikan, Lagos Island.

national museum lagos

Check out Nigerian carvings, artworks, ethnography and other Nigerian workmanship that has been accumulated over time.

Visit Banana Island and marvel at the beauty of the most expensive neighbourhood in Nigeria.

Banana Island lagos nigeria
Source: Nairaland

It is also the most extravagant neighbourhood in Nigeria.

Go to Jhalobia Recreation Park and Gardens and get some breath of fresh air.

Jhalobia Recreation Park and Gardens

You might even run into a wedding or event taking place when you go there.

Spend the whole day at the Federal Palace Hotel and be sure to try their European and African Cuisine.

Federal Palace Hotel lagos
Source: Booking.com

Branch at Mega Plaza Century 21 Mall as one of the things to do in Lagos Nigeria and get some shopping out of the way.

Get your tickets online and visit Omu Resort which is a place of many attractions.

omu resort lagos

You can go for a visit on any day of the week and open between 9a.m to 6p.m. on Mondays to Saturdays and 12 noon to 6p.m on Sundays. Attractions include waterfront sitting, boat cruise, horse riding, amusement park, antique museum, paintball and so many more.


Pay a visit to Omenka Art Gallery and check out their art exhibitions and greatest works of the international artists.

omenka gallery ikoyi
Source: Omenka Art Gallery

Be sure to check out the works of artists like Manuela Sambo, Cedric Nunn and El Loko.

Find your way to La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort at Ikeju, Ibeju Lekki; experience nature and discover African beauty.

La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort nigeria
Source: Jumiatravel

Book a day or two so you’ll be able to explore their jet skiing, yacht cruise, swimming pool, water volleyball among other interesting things.

Visit Jazz hole.

Jazzhole lagos

You’ll have access to lots of cultural music as it is even known as one of the best cultural music shops you can find in the country.

Get a car or take Uber to Lekki and then get lost in GET Arena by taking part in different games available.

get arena lagos
Source: GetArena.com

Don’t forget to join the kart racing tournaments and championships and when hungry, check out their restaurant.

Take a taxi or Uber to Lekki and find your way to Lekki Leisure Lake.

lekki leisure lake

You get to experience the best leisure and outdoor activities you can ever think of.

Go for a jog or run on the Lekki Ikoyi link bridge that also serves as a recreational facility.

Lekki Ikoyi link bridge

This cabled-stayed bridge is the first of its kind in Nigeria.

Go play some games at the Empire sports paintball, one of the best paintball centres you can find.

Empire sports paintball

You get to build and develop your teamwork, communication and strategic thinking skills while catching fun.

Find Time to visit Tafawa Balewa Square.

Tafawa Balewa Square
Source: GuardianNigeria

There’s access to other amenities including restaurants, shopping centre and travel agencies.

Visit the amusement park at Hi Impact Planet.

Hi Impact Planet
Source: Hi-impact Planet

Create amazing memories with your friends, partners or family.

Go for a swim in Elegushi Beach at Lekki Phase 1 and check out the Elegushi Palace while you’re around the area.

Elegushi Beach

Best time to visit is probably during the weekdays’ because most weekends, the beach is always full of people unless you don’t mind the hustle and bustle.

Experience the horror story dreams and horror movie actions at The Escape Room

The Escape Room lagos

Prices start at ₦3500 per person.

Spend an evening at the Whispering Palms Island Resort and take a trip around the Whispering Palms Beach on different kinds of boats.

Catch fun all the way either on a pedal boat, speed boat, bicycle boat or you can go the old way and just paddle a canoe.

Visit arts and crafts shop, art gallery and theatre at Terra kulture, Victoria Island, Lagos

Terra kulture lagos
Source: Terra Kulture

After your tour, visit their restaurant and have a taste of their sweet delicacies


Go catch some fun watching movies, stage plays or live performances at the Silverbird Galleria before moving into restaurants and stores for shopping.

silverbird galleria ikeja

If you love games, find time to play some games at their arcade centre.

Get sweet treats and Nigerian dessert from Melting Moments.

Melting Moments lagos

You don’t want to miss this.

Visit Domino’s Pizza, one of the best pizza restaurants in Lagos and get some pizza.

Domino’s Pizza lagos

If you love pizzas, it’ll be worth your while.

Enjoy a great afternoon eating chicken at the Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) restaurant.

kfc chicken lagos
Source: Jolly

While you’re at it, order for some potato chips and a cup of Pepsi or Coke to go with it.

For the love of some Lagos Ice cream, visit Cold Stone Creamery to get huge varieties of Ice cream.

coldstone creamery
Source: Cold Stone

There are so many samples to choose from ranging from ice cream smoothies, cakes to ice cream shakes.

Get some seafood at Ocean Basket and enjoy the ocean.

ocean basket lagos

Its ₦850 for a loaf of garlic bread.

Try Chinese cuisine for dinner by going to Lihao Chinese Cuisine and you can get it delivered to you, as take away or dine out there.

chinese restaurant lagos

The cost for 2 people’s meal is at around ₦10,000.

Visit the Maryland Mall at Maryland, Lagos and go window shopping. One of the popular fun places in Lagos Mainland.

maryland shopping mall lagos
Source: Hotels.ng

You might end up buying things as they have decent prices for goods being sold in the mall.

Get one of the best confectionaries at Belgian Rose at Sabo-Yaba.

Belgian Rose lagos

They look and taste awesome by the way.

For the love of frozen yoghurt, take a trip to Sweet Kiwi Frozen Yoghurt and satisfy your yoghurt cravings.


Your body will thank you for the treat.

Choose one afternoon and visit the Rele Art Gallery.

rele art gallery
Source: Rele

The art exhibitions are really worth the time.

Buy a ticket and go for a picnic at Ndubuisi Kanu Recreational Park or entertain your guests during a weekend getaway.

Ndubuisi Kanu Recreational Park lagos

While you’re there, bring out your smartphones or tablets and enjoy the free wifi that’s provided.

Go to Genesis Deluxe Cinema to watch the most anticipated movies with your friends and families.

Genesis Deluxe Cinema lekki

Watch from movie selections like Captain Marvel, Nimbe, Hellboy, Hobbs and Shaw while you’re there. After completion, mark these out from your things to do in Lagos Nigeria checklist.

Visit the Geeta Ashram Temple and experience the Indian way of life.

geeta ashram lagos
Source: Hotelsng

Enjoy the beauty and culture of Hindus through their religion.

Visit and pay homage to the dead, some of which were celebrities and dignitaries at Vaults and Garden cemetery to remind yourself that life is too short not to enjoy as much as you can.

vaults and garden cemetary

It’s good to be self-conscious.

Which other places do you have that can include tourist’s things to do in Lagos and make sightseeing Lagos more interesting for them.


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