Top 10 Supermarkets In Lagos Nigeria (2021)

There are many supermarkets in Lagos in different sizes whether big or small. Ever since the advent of the money system, commerce, and fiscal trade have been one of the few elements that have held society together. Shopping has become an integral aspect of the life of an average man.

Over time, supermarkets have been created to ease and improve the shopping experience. Today, supermarkets are the best places to go if you need to buy something.

Nigeria is one of Africa’s leading Nations, especially in its economic growth. And as a result of the various importation and exportation of products, as well as a spike in population over the years, there has been an influx of supermarkets in the country as a whole, and perhaps the state that has experienced the effect of this influx is none other than Lagos State. 

Lagos is the most populated state in the country, as a result, its consumer needs are through the roof. There is a need for excellence in its commercial system. That is where the supermarkets play a major role. The importance of meeting consumer needs increases as competition arises among various supermarkets in Lagos due to the ever-increasing population of both supermarkets and the people.

You would be surprised at the length that some malls and supermarkets will go in order to attract customers and buyers. Today, we shall examine ten of the best supermarkets in Lagos and learn about what sets them apart from other supermarkets.

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Top 10 Supermarkets In Lagos


Enel Supermarket solutions is a subsidiary of Enel Group; one of Nigeria’s top Business alliances with ties to various sectors of the economy, including infrastructure, trade, and corporate services.

They have made great strides in the consumer product sector thanks mainly to their supermarket situated at Isolo in Lagos.


Shoprite Supermarket Lagos
Shoprite Supermarket Lagos

Shoprite is a household name among many Lagos households. It is an international business group with almost three thousand (3,000) stores and supermarkets in almost every country in Africa. We literally cannot go through this list without mentioning Shoprite.

With its headquarters in South Africa, its tentacles expand to all parts of Africa. All its malls are known to have almost everything you might ever want or need as a consumer.


Prince Ebeano Supermarket

Built on a 50-50 agreement between two parties, prince Ebeano Supermarket has five (5) branches across Lagos state and the Federal Capital Territory. Its branches feature a wide array of options to buy from. There is a large parking space in all of its branches, giving easy access for consumers who wish to shop with them.

They have some of the best customers to staff relationships among all supermarkets. The Prince Ebeano supermarket can be located at number ten Chevron drive at Lekki in Lagos.


spar supermarket
Spar Supermarket

With eight (8) supermarket branches in Lagos Alone, SPAR easily ranks as one of Lagos’ leading Supermarkets, and rightly so. They sell everything, from foodstuff to household and even industrial tools.

You will also find that there is a mini canteen where cooked food is sold. They are reputable when it comes to customer service and staff interaction and organization.


Addas Mall

Located in Agidinbi, Ikeja in Lagos, Addas mall is one of the biggest supermarkets in that vicinity. It has thousands of products on display on its shelves. There are a variety of products to buy from depending on what you want.

Perhaps, the most innovative aspect of the Addas Mall is arguably its online store’ where customers can place orders on items at the Addas mall website from the comfort of their homes and have them delivered within a reasonable period of time.


Market Square

Market Square is a supermarket chain that has entrenched itself in the southern region of the country. It has branches in various parts of Lagos, Rivers, Calabar, and the likes. They are reputable for selling some of the best grocery items that you can think of.

They also sell non-food items and electronics of all kinds. The market square is located at Ago palace at Oshodi Isolo, Lagos.


Game Stores is a popular retail chain that can be found in all the major cities in Nigeria. These Cities are; Enugu, Kano, Abuja or FCT (Federal Capital Territory) and of course, Lagos. There are two Game Store Retail branches in Lagos, both located in the Lekki area of the Island.

There is something for everyone at the Game Store Irrespective of how unique, a taste you might have. From the most sophisticated of electronic gadgets and machinery to the most mundane of vegetable items, Game Store has it all.


CCD Super Stores Lagos

Yes, presentation and style is one thing that attracts consumers to supermarkets these days, but one unchangeable spice that has never failed to entice customers in any part of the world is “Affordability”. And that is what CCD Superstores offer. Quality items at an affordable price has served to raise the evaluation of the CCD Super Store in the hearts of the people of Lagos in spite of its humble background.


FoodCo Lagos 1
FoodCo Lagos

Food Co is a food and grocery retail chain store that has a no Frisco policy. They can be found in the dream world Africana way at the second phase of the Lekki Peninsular. They happen to be the second-largest retail chain store in the whole of the south, especially the south-western region of the country.


Situated at Oshodi, Isolo Lagos, the Genesis Super Market has a myriad of products for every single person regardless of their taste. The customer experience is not bad at all and the staff is quite polite.

They also tend to offer refunds on products that could be faulty or unsuitable for the consumer. There is more information about them from their websites.

Consumption is an intricate aspect of our everyday lives, and our needs and wants may vary from time to time. Thanks to supermarkets and their innovations, finding things that you might be in need of has been made somewhat easy.

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