Top 10 Amazing Art Galleries In Lagos Nigeria

Lagos is approximately 55 years old. Yes, it has been over fifty (50) years since it was first brought into existence as a geopolitical zone. Ever since then, it has gone on to experience hundreds, if not thousands of events that have shaped it to become the city that is well known all around the world today.

There are many reasons why Lagos stands out among other states in Nigeria. Do not get me wrong, Nigeria is blessed with thirty-six (36) wonderful states that are rich and unique in their own ways.

Lagos, however, stands head and neck above other states in the country in various fields that are unique to just Lagos. And Lagos does this so well that the world recognizes and somewhat appreciates its uniqueness. One of those fields is art.

In recent times, Lagos can be called the artistic and most expressive state or city in the country, and there would be almost no opposition to that claim. Many of the renowned celebrities worldwide that come from Nigeria, be it in music, literature, theatre, or any form of arts, have Lagos to thank in one way or the other. If Nigeria were the USA, then Lagos would be likened to New York City.

Today, we are going to take a deep and contemplative look at ten of some of the best art galleries in Lagos.


Top 10 Art Galleries In Lagos Nigeria



Since the year 2010, the ReLe art Gallery has been making headlines before it was even opened. There were rumors about how the art gallery was going to revolutionize the visual arts community in the city of Lagos.

I have to say that when it was finally opened in 2015, it did not disappoint us, as it went on to become quite a hit among the visual arts community at the time. Located at Onikan, Lagos Mainland, the ReLe Art Gallery features an unconventional African art style.

This has in turn triggered the influx of young art lovers as well as aspiring artists to come for inspiration. It has even garnered a reputation for its self as a “hip” place to be. It also has a place where young artists are trained and are allowed to hone their visual arts skills.



The Yusuf Grillo Art Gallery is situated within the confines of the Yaba College of Technology, popularly known as Yaba Tech. The art gallery was actually commissioned in honor of a late and renowned artist, known for his creative and out-of-the-box art style as well as his signature color blue which is a recurring color theme in all of his works.

The gallery not only hosts arts-related celebrations and major events but also dedicates its time to grooming young artists.



The Omenka art gallery is one of the best-known art museums in all of Lagos. It has the most collection of a renowned artist; Ben Enwowu, a man whose legacy in arts opened up Africa’s arts and craft sector to the postcolonial world. The Omenka gallery also features a musical club activity during the evenings.



The Terra Kulture Arts Gallery is the go-to place when it comes to artistic works for those people who live or stay on the Island. It features all forms of contemporary and postmodern arts in its displays and walls.



Owned and run by none other than Nike Davies Okundaye, an artist of great renown in our time, there is definitely more to this beautiful art gallery than what meets the eye. The gallery features several masterpieces and works of art, including the Batik, Adire, and indigo artworks on fabric by Nike.

It has various other centers and branches around the country and grooms young, as well as aspiring artists in fabrics, bead making, and other forms of artworks.



This less than thirty-year-old art establishment has gone out of the way to show the world that it is indeed passionate about art and everything that comes with it. Mydrim gallery is unique in what it features as art, in the sense that it shows the simplicity of African life in the most sophisticated and exquisite display style.

It has etched itself as a gallery that is dedicated to capturing the beauty in the mundane and everyday, average African life.



The Red Door Gallery for arts and sculpture is so unique in its own right as it offers different, unconventional, and out of the norm creative artworks and masterpieces. These features are often eye-catching and just like many works of art, they are opened to interpretation.

What, however, seems to be the selling point of the Red Door is its knack for artworks that usually break social conventions and go beyond what is usually found within the social boundaries for even things as expressive as works of art.



The Nimbus art center dabbles in more than just the visual arts, it has live bands, restaurants that do food or cooking arts, as well as offering a platform for young and upcoming artists to showcase their works. Just like most of the galleries here, they also evaluate the prices of various artworks as well as buy them.



This gallery which was established in 1992, is known for its African and traditional artworks. They include sculptures and various forms of artworks that were created with traditional and old art-making styles. Due to this, they attract an audience from the older generation.

The gallery also has a contemporary or postmodern art collection, that is meant to attract the younger generations of art lovers. They also display artsy and fancy furniture and even go as far as selling and helping to install them from time to time.



Iganmu is home to the Universal Studio of Arts; a studio that boasts of having the largest and most diverse collection of arts in Nigeria. Thanks to its massive structure and welcoming atmosphere, it has proven to be an efficient attraction for young artists.

Art is expressive and creativity is infinite, so as long as people are alive, there would always be one form of art or another, and as long as arts exists, various museums and galleries would be there to preserve, display, and enlighten people for years to come

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