Top 10 Most Beautiful States In Nigeria (2021)

Which states are the most beautiful states in Nigeria? Many people would love to go on vacation after a period of stressful work, this brings about the search for good and beautiful places to go and relax or hang out with friends or family. Some go out of the country for such vacations but many might not have the luxury to do such.

Nigeria as a country is richly blessed with several beautiful places for site seeing and vacations, places to hang out and celebrate with friends and families. Such places are scattered around the 36 states of the federation.

We are going to be looking at beautiful cities in Nigeria and what makes them be on the list. This search will also assist visitors of the country to select their preferred places to tour and relax.

Top 10 Most Beautiful States In Nigeria


Akwa Ibom located in the south-south region of the country has sea sports, beaches fit for relaxation with some e-libraries for the readers. It has been pointed out to be among the cleanest states in the country. The national museum Uyo has some beautiful artefacts that portray the culture of the people.

The sports complex has a huge capacity to host spectators. There are a lot of wonderful parks and top hotels that can be seen all around the state for one’s pleasure. The stat was named after the river that passes through it. It has ultra-modern facilities, nice beaches, and tourist attraction centers.


It’s the home to the popular Obudu Cattle Ranch. It has a very old volcanic stone range which has historical importance. The Calabar Festival is a much-talked-about festival all around the nation. Museums and exotic parks are sighted in almost all major parts of the state.

This state is truly beautiful with a major purpose for one`s pleasure. The stat was named after the river that passes through it. It has ultra-modern facilities, nice beaches and tourist attraction centers. It’s the home to the popular Obudu Cattle ranch.

It has a very old volcanic stone range which has historical importance. The Calabar Festival is a much talked about festival all around the nation. Museums and exotic parks are sighted in almost all major parts of the state.


The federal capital territory of Nigeria cannot be excluded from this list. When we talk about structure, Abuja should definitely top the list. It has a well-organized and interconnected road which adds to the beauty of the state and a lot of recreational centers.

There are places for different activities in the state so one can never be bored of this place. This is home to the famous millennium park. There are nice hotels and malls with cinemas for relaxation purposes. Although it is not a part of Nigeria’s thirty and six (36) states, it has made its way to our list as one of the most beautiful cities in Nigeria.


The center of excellence must surely be on this list. Not only being the most populated of the state with the highest revenue, Lagos state has varieties of nice relaxation spots, hotels, resorts that add to the beauty of this state and also its nightlife. One thing that differentiates Lagos from other states is its lifestyle and trendy culture.

Thanks to this, Lagos is one of the most popular cities in all of the continent of Africa. It is safe to say that thanks to the state’s popularity and rapid development, it has become a major spot for various investors and developers, which in turn continues leading to the state’s increase in the state’s growth both in infrastructure and economy.


As the name implies, it is known for its aquatic life. Due to this, there are a lot of beaches and rivers where trips can be full fully enjoyed by visitors or tourists. The most popular island there is Bonny island and its famous park is the Finima Nature Park still in Bonny island.

Rivers is well known for its parks and green lands. While all these are fine and good, what really sets the state of Rivers apart from most other states in Nigeria, is its oil reserve.

Thanks to this special resource, Rivers state has seen a considerable rise in its development since the discovery of this black gold.


This is one southeastern state that has one of the top quality hotels and resorts. It is among the top states to be visited because of its beautiful spots and its way of life attracts tourists. It is of great preference for international tourists because of its hotels which are said to provide the highest standard of living.

In the past, when coal was in high demand as a major means of fuel, Enugu saw a boon in its economy which in turn has led to the state’s development over the years.


The state with the largest landmass, it is thereby expected to have beautiful spots. This state is filled with natural landscapes, parks, museums, waterfalls, etc. the terrain of the waterfalls is so beautiful that tourists can certainly not help but want to come over to see it.

It has made a sizeable amount in revenue thanks to its natural landscapes which have served as tourist attractions. Kaduna is home to Zazzau Royal palace, one of Nigeria’s most beautiful palaces.


Located in the deep southern region of the country, this riverine state offers a lot, especially for travellers and tourists. With nice resorts and hotels and tourist centers, there are spots that are sure to blow anyone away.

A few famous spots to see include Olu of Warri Palace, Abraka Turf, country clubs, etc. for the lover, it has a variety of naturally romantic sceneries that leaves a wonderful effect on the guest. The fact that the state is somewhat run by its massive oil reserves serves as a boost to its development.

#9 IMO

The home of the Ada plantation differentiates Imo state from other states. This plantation in its own unique way draws people from far and wide areas to visit the site. The Oguta Lake is another fascinating site.

#10 ONDO

Ondo state has modern infrastructure, parks, shopping malls, and the topography and the landscape of the state are worthy of visitation. It homes some awesome recreational parks, museums, and resorts. All these make it truly worthy to be among the beautiful states in Nigeria.

All states in Nigeria are beautiful in their own ways but above, we have only highlighted 10 states from the 36 states.

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