Top 10 Longest Bridges In Africa (2021)

What countries have the longest bridges in Africa? What is the name of the longest bridge in Africa? Have you ever considered that you may be correct? In our everyday lives, we often utilize bridges and tunnels. You may wish to study this stuff while you are there if you are suitably interested.

Since colonization, African countries have made significant investments in transportation infrastructure to enable the mobility of people and goods. This list contains a large number of bridges. Below is the list of the 10 longest bridges in Africa:


Top 10 Longest Bridges In Africa

10. Katima Mulilo Bridge

The Katima Mulilo Bridge in Zambia, which spans the Zambezi River, is one of the world’s longest bridges and one of the longest in Africa. The 900-meter-long bridge, which was dedicated in May 2004, is the world’s longest.

Additionally, the Namibian Bridge Registration System refers to it as Bridge 508. The bridge serves a dual function as a border crossing between Zambia’s Sesheke province and Namibia’s Katima Mulilo region.

The Katima Mulilo Bridge, which spans the Zambezi, is the world’s tenth most significant bridge. According to the Namibian Bridge Register, in addition to its various designations, this bridge is also known as Bridge 508.

It acts as a natural barrier between Namibia’s Katima Mulilo region and Zambia’s Sesheke region. The 900-meter-long bridge, which was officially dedicated on May 13, 2004, was the world’s first of its type.

9. Mkapa Bridge

Tanzania’s Mkapa Bridge is 970 meters long and one of the biggest in Africa. It is ranked tenth in the world. The Benjamin Mkapa Bridge, named after the country’s third president and inaugurated in 2003, was built to connect the two cities.

The Mkapa Bridge, which spans the Rufiji River, was constructed with a $30 million loan from the Kuwait Fund, the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), and the Saudi Arabian government. The funding allowed the building of the bridge.

During the 2003 dedication ceremony, a plaque honouring Benjamin Mkapa, Tanzania’s third president at the time of its construction, was revealed. The Kuwait Fund, OPEC, and the Saudi Arabian government all contributed to the construction of the pipeline, which is 970 meters long and costs $1 billion.

8. Wouri Bridge 

It links Douala to Cameroon’s port of Bonaberi, due to the building of the Wouri Bridge. The French colonial administration constructed the 1.8-kilometre-long bridge in the 1950s to connect the two countries. This facility serves both road and rail traffic in Cameroon’s western region. The Wouri Bridge has served the neighborhood for almost seven decades.

Wouri Bridge is located a short distance above the surface of the Wouri River’s water. The bridge connects the city of Douala to the Central African Republic’s port of Bonaberi. It was begun in the 1950s and completed during the French colonial era in the nation.

The bridge, which handles both road and rail traffic in western Cameroon, is the country’s longest structure at 1.8 kilometres in length.

7. Qasr al-Nil Bridge 

The Qasr al-Nil Bridge, situated in central Cairo and across the Nile, is the seventh bridge on the list and is one of Egypt’s longest. This bridge links Gezira Island and the Zamalek neighborhood to Cairo’s central region.

The Qasr al-Nil Bridge, designed by Ralph Anthony Freeman and constructed completely of steel, is a local landmark. The bridge spans 1.932 kilometers during its construction. Originally known as the Khedive Ismail Bridge, the name translates as “King Ismail Bridge.”

According to the list, Egypt’s Qasr al-Nil Bridge, which spans the Nile, is the seventh most significant bridge in the world. Originally known as the Khedive Ismail Bridge, Ralph Anthony Freeman designed the 1.932-kilometre-long structure.

It was dedicated to Khedive Ismail’s memory. The bridge was dedicated on June 6, 1933, and it is still in service today.

6. Armando Emilio Guebuza Bridge

Mozambique also has the Armando Emilio Guebuza Bridge, which crosses the Zambezi River, Africa’s sixth-longest river. The Zambezi River is Africa’s sixth-longest river, ranking sixth on a list of the continent’s longest rivers.

The Armando Guebuza River, which runs through the provinces of Sofala and Zambezia and is 2.37 kilometers in length and 16 meters in width, was named after the previous president of the nation. It has a length of 2.37 kilometers and a width of 16 meters.

It is located in Mozambique’s southernmost region and links the provinces of Sofala and Zambezia. The bridge spans Mozambique’s Zambezi River, connecting the provinces of Sofala and Zambezia. The stadium was named in honour of Armando Guebuza, who served as President of Mozambique from 2005 to 2015.

According to the official website, the bridge was officially dedicated on August 1, 2009. It is 2.37 kilometers in length and 16 meters in width and is completely made of stone.

5. Dona Ana bridge

The Dona Ana bridge is one of the longest bridges in Africa. The Dona Ana bridge links the Mozambican towns of Vila de Sena and Mutarara and spans the Zambezi River. The bridge linked Malawi and the Moatize coal mines to the port of Beira.

The bridge currently connects the two countries. The longest suspension bridge in the world. Mozambique’s ancient bridge is a must-see. This bridge is vital since it physically connects two distinct parts of the nation.

To connect Malawi with the Moatize coal mines and Beira’s port, it was originally constructed as a railway. The bridge spans 3.67 kilometers between two locations.

4. Mozambique island Bridge  

Fouth on the list is the Mozambique Island Bridge, which links the island to the rest of the country and is an internationally recognized landmark. The island was once the capital of colonial Portuguese East Africa. The National Road Administration built and maintains the 3.8 km long bridge, which opened in 1969.

Mozambique has an unusually high number of long bridges. The Island Bridge links Mozambique, the former capital of colonial Portuguese East Africa, with the rest of the globe. The 3.8 km long bridge was built in 1969 and finished in 1969.

3. Suez Canal bridge

Another Pharaoh from Egypt. This bridge, which spans the canal at El-Qantara, is the third biggest and the third longest bridge in Africa. The Japanese government helped fund the construction of this bridge connecting Africa and Eurasia.

The Kajima Corporation built the 3.9 km long and 1.2 km broad Suez Canal Bridge. The “Friendship Bridge” links Egypt with Japan. This bridge links the continents of Africa and Eurasia and was constructed with Japanese help.

The firm claims it was completed in 2009. With 3.9 kilometers, it is one of Africa’s longest and tallest bridges.

2. Third Mainland bridge

The Third Mainland Bridge in Lagos, Nigeria, is the world’s third-longest bridge and spans the Niger River. The 6th October Bridge, which was built in 1996, replaced it and now holds the record for the continent’s longest river.

The bridge connects Oworonshoki and Lagos neighborhoods after crossing the Apapa-Oshodi and Lagos-Ibadan expressways. The 10.5 km long Third Mainland Bridge was built and opened to traffic in 1990 by Julius Berger Nigeria PLC. It is the longest bridge in Nigeria and the second longest in Africa.

Nigeria, with its capital in Lagos, is the continent’s most populated country. The bridge connects the mainland to Lagos, an island in the Gulf of Guinea. President Ibrahim Babangida was present during the dedication of the Julius Berger Nigeria PLC building in 1990. It is 10.5 km long.

1. 6th Oct Bridge

The 6th October Bridge in Egypt is the world’s longest bridge. It is also the longest bridge in Africa. The 20.5 km long bridge in Cairo is being constructed along the Nile’s eastern bank. The bridge spans the Nile twice, once from the west bank suburbs and once from the east bank, respectively, into downtown Cairo.

The 6th October Bridge connects Cairo with the Cairo International Airport, which is located on the other side of the bridge. The bridge was built from the ground up over almost 40 years.

The 6th October Bridge in Cairo, Egypt, is now the world’s longest bridge, surpassing the Golden Gate Bridge in New York. Construction of the bridge took almost 30 years. It was established in 1996 and opened in 1997. The 20.5 km long Nile bridge is currently under construction.

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