10 Most Visited Countries In Africa

Africa, the world’s second-largest continent by geographical area, has a great deal to offer global explorers in terms of resources. While you may be guilty of automatically conjuring up images of safaris when you hear the word Africa, you will be delighted to learn that there is much more to this continent than that.

Listed below are the most frequently visited countries in Africa, which may aid you in planning your vacation. What we’ll do is explain why you should visit them, what they have to offer, and a few of the things you could do without.

Africa’s most visited countries are shown below.


Top 10 Most Visited Countries In Africa

1. Morocco 

Morocco is the most visited country in Africa, according to tourism statistics. In 2019, this Northern African nation welcomed an astonishing 12.3 million visitors, making it the most visited country on the whole continent’s landmass. 

So, what precisely is it about Morocco that is so appealing to tourists? When you consider that there is no other location in the world that is quite like it, the way of life in Morocco is likely to be a big attraction. The sights, sounds, and colors of the medina are enough to keep you entranced for a long time.

Then there’s the cuisine – oh, the food! – to look forward to! To sum it up, think tagines, plenty of freshness, and an endless supply of delicious baked pastries to finish the day.

Some of the characteristics of Morocco include Marrakesh, which is one of the most turbulent and beautiful metropolitan places on the face of the globe. On top of that, there’s the city of Fes, which is a famous destination with so much culture that you could spend seven days here without even beginning to scratch the surface of what’s underneath.

Even if you’re travelling through Morocco on vacation, you should consider stopping at the city of Essaouira. While this beautiful seaside town has a European feel to it, the rugged charm of Northern Africa can also be seen in this town.

2. Egypt

Egypt had an astounding 11.3 million tourists in 2019, placing it as the second most visited country in Africa overall, behind only South Africa. These ancient structures, which include the pyramids of Giza, the pharaoh’s burial chambers, and the Luxor temple, all of which date back millennia, are undoubtedly the most famous tourist sites in Egypt.

3. South Africa

South Africa is the third most visited country in Africa. Despite being rated third on the list, this nation is the most popular among tours lovers, despite its third-place ranking. South Africa is still the most well-known safari location in the world, where you can view the renowned big five and spend time in the bush with them.

It is also the most affordable. What happens to the whole group of guests? In the year 2019, 10.5 million people travelled to South Africa to visit!

4. Tunisia 

Tunisia is the next destination on the list, with 8.3 million visitors expected to arrive in the Northern African country in 2019. Tunisia is well-known for its ancient urban settlements, the Saharan desert, and the hot desert conditions that characterize the country.

It has also been referred to as the “next Morocco” because it is less under the radar and a more realistic option since it is just a short distance away from many of Europe’s major metropolitan areas.

5. Zimbabwe

The various reasons to visit Zimbabwe are many; nevertheless, the bulk of them begin with a safari and conclude with a visit to Victoria Falls. The wildlife survey in Zimbabwe is excellent, but Victoria Falls are out of the ordinary in comparison to other places.

They stretch for about 1,708 meters in length, making them one of the world’s largest cascades.

6. The Republic of Côte d’Ivoire

Côte d’Ivoire (also known as the Ivory Coast) is a well-known destination, especially among European explorers, because of its seashore resorts and tropical rainforests, as should be apparent.

Given the country’s French-provincial history, it has long been a popular choice for adventurers seeking the ocean, sun, and pleasant temperatures found in West Africa. Currently, the country has a population of a little more than 20 million people.

7. Uganda 

Uganda has long been overshadowed by Rwanda, which has quickly risen to become the premier destination for mountain gorilla viewing in the world. Regardless, considering the less-developed character of Uganda, you may enjoy a comparable experience at a far lower cost here.

The country is safe to visit (maybe contrary to popular belief), and visitors will be amazed by the amount of raw beauty that exists inside its boundaries.

8. Kenya 

Nobody should be surprised that Kenya has topped the list of the most visited countries in East Africa, and I’m certain that no one will be shocked to hear that. This location was used for the filming of the movie “Out of Africa”, which is one of the most popular films ever made on the African continent.

9. Mauritius

You need to go no farther than Mauritius for inspiration if you’re searching for a more tropical holiday while travelling across Africa or maybe an extra location to put on your tour itinerary. In this area, you will discover gorgeous seashores, challenging treks, and diving that is on everyone’s bucket list.

10. Eswatini

Eswatini (formerly Swaziland) has lived under the shadow of South Africa for a very long time, even though it is geographically isolated in the heart of the continent. In any case, if you’re looking for something a little bit off the beaten path, here is the place to look.

Here you may go on a trip for a fraction of the cost, as well as take advantage of as many setting up camp and day hikes as your imagination can conjure up! This brings our list of the most visited countries in Africa back into balance.

What exactly are you waiting for now that you know where you’re going to?

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