Top 10 Most Peaceful Countries In Africa (2021)

Which countries are the most peaceful countries in Africa? The Global Peace Index for 2021 shows a widening gap between the most peaceful and least peaceful countries. While 81 countries reported progress toward greater peace, eighty other countries reported a deterioration.

Iceland continues to be the most tranquil nation in the world. Since approximately 2008, the United States has maintained this position. The countries of New Zealand, Austria, Portugal, and Denmark round up the top five most tranquil nations on the planet.

Afghanistan has been ranked in the bottom half of the list for the second year in a row this year. These are the nations that round up the bottom five least peaceful countries: Syria, Iraq, South Sudan, and Yemen.

With the absence of an African country among the top five shows, a part of the countries on the planet’s landmass saw an apparent improvement in their relationship with one another.

The 2021 Global Peace Index is a measure of how peaceful the world is. The Global Peace Index for 2021 indicates that normal peace is deteriorating at a rate of 0.34 per cent per nation. The list also noted that, although the bad effects of violence have begun to fade over time, new battles have erupted as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic.

The Middle East and the North American region are the most unsettling regions in the world in terms of Security – Terms and Conditions. European silence has decreased somewhat, but it has maintained its position as the most peaceful region on the globe despite the global increase in noise.


On the whole, according to the 2020 Global Peace Index, the globe is less peaceful than it has been since the Global Peace Index was first published, which was in 2000. Observers should take notice that the Global Peace Index does not measure the frequency of war or the quality of conflict as the primary indicator of harmony.

Harmony is primarily measured in terms of well-being and security, advancing struggle, and militarization, among other things.

The ten African countries with the greatest global harmony record are shown below. Because of the continent’s obvious underdevelopment and poverty levels, Africa has continuously been a source of concern on international fronts.

The majority of African countries are either immature or in the process of developing, to put it mildly. Most have experienced unassailable levels of political instability and misery, debasement, wars, and economic stagnation, among other things.

This slew of components poses a threat to the overall harmony. Nonetheless, a small number of African countries have shown a commendable level of peace, earning them a high ranking on the Global Peace Index.

The following are the top ten most peaceful countries in Africa for 2021.

Top 10 Most Peaceful Countries In Africa

1. Mauritius, GPI – 1.544

Mauritius is the most peaceful country in Africa. According to the general peace index, which places Mauritius at number 23 in the world, the country is the most peaceful in the sub-Saharan Africa area.

Because of this, it is ranked in the lowest part of the rankings. It has an overall score of 1.544, with a small score change of -0.018.

2. Botswana, GPI – 1.693

Global Peace Report ranks Botswana at number 33, with a general score of 1.693 and an increase in score of 0.017 per cent from the previous time the index was released in 2012. According to these rankings, it ranks as the second most peaceful country in Africa after Liberia.

3. Ghana, GPI – 1.776

Peace and joy have prevailed in this little West African nation, as shown by her position as the third most peaceful country on the continent by 2021. Ghana is the 43rd most peaceful country in the world, with an overall score of 1.776 and an annual score change of 0.0111, according to the Peace Index.

4. Zambia, GPI – 1.794

Zambia, which is ranked 44th in the world, is second only to Ghana in the worldwide rankings. Zambia has a total score of 1.794 points, with a positive change in score of -0.004 points from the last time the country was scored.

5. Sierra Leone, GPI – 1.82

In general, the West African nation has a score of 1.82, with a score change of 0.005, and a general position score of 46, with a score change of 0.005 from the previous month. The result is that Sierra Leone is rated as Africa’s fifth most tranquil country, according to the United Nations.


6. Senegal, GPI – 1.824

Senegal is one of the most peaceful countries in Africa. Generally, Senegal is placed 47th in the Global Peace Index, with a general score of 1.824 and a score change (change in position) of -0.013 points from the previous year.

This success may be attributed in great part to Senegal’s more advanced levels of internal organized warfare, which are becoming increasingly complex.

7. Tanzania, GPI – 1.85

According to the Global Peace Index, Tanzania is ranked 52nd in the world. Tanzania’s most well-known tourist destination is the Serengeti Plains, which provide visitors with an unforgettable safari experience. Tanzania currently has a Level 2 travel warning in effect.

It is advised to avoid remote locations, particularly late at night, and to use cabs that do not have other passengers and are operated by reputable taxi companies.

In addition to a general score of 1.85 and a general positioning of 52, a change in score of -0.012 has been recorded.

8. Namibia, GPI – 1.861

With a general positioning and score of 53 and 1.861, respectively, this is the ninth most tranquil nation in Sub-Saharan Africa. Apart from that, Namibia’s score dropped by just 0.031 points from the previous year, a small increase over the previous year.

9. Liberia, GPI – 1.877

Liberia is the ninth most peaceful country in Africa. In accordance with a cumulative average score of 1.877 on the Worldwide Peace Index throughout time, with a change in score of 0.017 and a global ranking of 57 out of 180.

10. Malawi, GPI – 1.885

Currently, the country has an overall score of 1.885 and a change in score of 0.107. Malawi is the 59th most peaceful nation in the world, according to the World Peace Index. In general, the 2021 Global Peace Index indicates that 20 countries out of 44 worked on peace in sub-Saharan Africa, with South Africa, Equatorial Guinea, and Cote d’Ivoire holding the top three spots in the rankings.

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