Profitability Of Poultry Farming In Nigeria: All About Poultry

We are in an era where we can’t depend on Government jobs as the population is way more than the jobs the Government can provide. As a result, there is a need to find solutions to problems in society and make a living out of it.

This is one of the ways to become an Entrepreneur. One viable solution to unemployment in Nigeria is going into Agriculture business but our focus in this article is on poultry farming in Nigeria.

We’ll look at the profitability of Poultry farming in Nigeria. This will be carried out by using broiler farming in Nigeria as a case study. This ultimate guide is people interested in learning poultry farming for beginners.

Agriculture has been an occupation practiced by our forefathers and its still a top practice that yields an awesome return on investment. Though our forefathers had some advantage like the inheritance of land for their various agriculture practices and also they were trained on the practice from childhood.

You might be wondering how profitable is poultry farming in Nigeria? Poultry Farming is actually one of the most lucrative agricultural businesses in Nigeria one can venture into with low capital and have a huge return in profit.





Poultry Farming entails rearing of domestic birds such as turkeys, ducks, geese and chickens for the purpose of meat production or egg production as all are good businesses and ventures that bring an awesome return in profit.

People are always scared to go into many businesses because of fear. Poultry Farming is not left out because if not well maintained or if you don’t have the necessary information needed to run a Poultry Farm, the whole investment could be lost.

There are various breeds of birds that could be considered like Broilers, Cockerels, Layers, Turkey but as a starter, I will recommend you start with a breed first then go into others as the experience comes in.


To start a Poultry Farm business, there are various considerations you have to look into. Poultry Farming business can be done with low capital or huge capital depending on individual capacity. For example, you can start with 50 chickens and you can also start with 10,000 chickens as well.

Let us start the discussion on steps to take in starting a Poultry Farm business and we’ll try to discuss how much does it cost to start a poultry farm in Nigeria. There will be variations in the cost to start a poultry farm due to the fact that an entrepreneur might decide to start small or on a large scale. As a result, we will discuss the other important things and leave it to the reader to decide on the cost of space to use and the cages to be used for poultry farming.





The first thing to put into consideration is the space to use for the poultry house design. This depends on how big or small you want to start. If you are starting big, then you will need to acquire a plot of land and if you are starting small you might just need to buy or construct a cage and put at your backyard or anywhere comfortable in your surrounding.

We will not be discussing the cost to buy land or cost of constructing a cage as this is a lifetime investment that would be used years after.


Before buying the birds you have to make sure the prepared land is safe for the birds. The place needs to be clean and secured from rats, lizards, rodents and various other harmful animals or things that can harm the chicks as they won’t be strong enough when you purchase them at a day old.

Another important thing is that there should be cross ventilation and there should be enough space for the chicks for free movement.

We won’t be discussing much on land, construction of the cage as this will depend on how big or small you want to go so I will recommend you contact a carpenter and a bricklayer for proper quotation and negotiation of the construction part and also land prices vary depending on the location you are in.

So let us move to the more important part-


This is the real first step into the business because if you get this wrong you might lose a lot. To have the chickens grow up well and healthy, you must buy your chicks from trusted farms like Chi, Obasanjo Farm and this will also make you get them at best price.

Depending on the breed you want to focus on, you have to know the best time to start rearing them. For example, if you want to focus on Broilers, broilers take 6 weeks to be sellable to restaurants, bars, hotels and 12 weeks to be sellable for Christmas, New Year, Easter.

For those interested in Layers poultry farming in Nigeria, it takes layers 20 weeks to start laying eggs well and Cockerels takes 6 months to mature well enough.

This duration will make you determine when to purchase your chicks depending on your target market. It is also one of the key determining factors of the profitability of poultry farming in Nigeria.





Feeding is what makes your chicks grow well and healthy, therefore you need to get the best quality of feeds for them. There are different companies that produce feeds for chicks with good quality but the best poultry feeds include Top feeds, Kalmbach and F.M Browns. You should try and also make findings yourself. To get the feeds cheaper with good quality, you can visit anywhere around your area where they make feed to get more quantity at a cheaper price.

In terms of Medication, I always advise that you have a consultant that comes to check on your chicks at intervals to inspect them and advise on medication to give but there are some normal drugs that need to be administered to chicks at certain time and period (please learn about this from your consultant).

The following are some drugs you will use periodically – Lasota, Gomboro, Antibiotics, Vitamins, (Get how to use them properly from your consultant).

We have discussed most of the things needed and how to set your farm up, Now let us discuss the most important part –



Backyard Poultry Farming In Nigeria

Backyard poultry farming is an eco-friendly and traditional way of rearing poultry animals which has so many benefits for those who decide to practice it. For instance, poultry stocks reared in this way do not have any harmful residues in the meats or eggs produced. It is also a good source of livelihood as it is secure and provides food to the family.

So, in case you do not have the amount of money required to start at an average or large scale, remember that you can start from the minimum requirements ever which is using your backyard for poultry farming in Nigeria.


As said earlier we will only be focusing on the amount spent on buying the chicks, feeding, maintaining and not on the purchase of land and construction of the cage.

For this case study, we will be discussing how to start broiler farming in Nigeria. We will analyze Broilers and our focus will be on 1000 chicks.

How Profitable Is Poultry Business In Nigeria?

Let us discuss the amount of profitability of poultry farming in Nigeria by analyzing how much it will cost to rear Broilers to sell to restaurants, bars, hotels for 6 weeks.

  • A day old boiler price is ₦200
  • Purchase of 1000 broilers at 200 = 200,000
  • Feeding for 6 weeks, 1000 broilers will consume 125 kg a day
  • First 3 weeks, 1000 broilers will consume 125 kg * 21 days of starter feed = 16,000 * 21 days = 336,000 (25 kg of starter is at 3,200)
  • Second 3 weeks, 1000 broilers will consume 125 kg * 21 days of finisher feed = 14,500 * 21 days = 304,500 (25 kg of finisher is at #2,900)
  • Medical and Miscellaneous is around 15,000
  • Total spent for 6 weeks = 855,500 for 1000 broilers

These broilers are sold for 1,200 least to restaurant, bars, hotels, this will yield 1,200,000

Profit = 1,200,000 – 855,000

= 345,000 after just 6 weeks, isn’t it awesome

Let us analyze how much it will cost to rear Broilers to sell during Christmas, New year, Easter  (12weeks)

  • Purchase of 1000 broilers at 200 = 200,000
  • Feeding for 12 weeks, 100 0broilers will consume 125kg a day
  • First 5 weeks, 1000 broilers will consume 125kg * 35days of starter feed = 16,000 * 35 days = 560,000 (25kg of starter is at 3,200)
  • Second 7 weeks, 1000 broilers will consume 125kg * 49days of finisher feed = 14,500 * 49days = 710,500 (25kg of finisher is at 2,900)
  • Medical and Miscellaneous is around 40,000
  • Total spent for 6 weeks = 1,510,500 for 1000 broilers

Normally, the price of broiler chicken can range between 3500 to 5000. However, let’s assume these broilers are sold for 3,500 least, this will yield 3,500,000.

Profit = 3,500,000 – 1,510,500

= 1,989,500 after just 12 weeks, Superb

Kindly note that all these are estimated from experience, always do your own homework.

What are you still waiting for? If you’re wondering how profitable is poultry farming in Nigeria, you have seen from our analysis what you can make from Poultry Farming in Nigeria. So, start one today and smile tomorrow.