The Top Richest Tribes In Africa Today (2021)

Do you know the richest tribes in Africa currently? Let us be realistic, when we talk about tribes in Africa, the last thing that any non-African would think of is wealth. Most people have the stereotypical and somewhat racist assumption that almost every tribe in Africa is either poor or starving. This, however, is furthest from the truth.

While it is true that Africa has the highest population of poor countries, there are quite a number of tribes that have beat the odds, becoming a source of wealth and inspiration to their countries’ economy and people respectively. Today, these tribes are doing quite well for themselves. The northwestern region of the continent is blessed with oil, the southern and central parts of the continent are blessed with diamond and gold.

In fact, almost all regions of the continent are heavily endowed with a myriad of natural resources, including human resources. Some tribes may inhabit certain regions that are not so blessed with these natural resources, but this does not seem to break their spirits in the least bit. As a matter of fact, these tribes tend to produce resourceful and smart individuals or businessmen, with the right knowledge and talent for generating income and revenue for their clans and tribes.

In today’s article, we are going to take a quick look at a few of the notable tribes in Africa, as far as wealth and popularity are concerned.

Top Richest Tribes In Africa

9. Oromo Tribe

Besides making up over 40% of the total population of Ethiopia, the Oromo people are a large group of people in Northeastern Africa. They are practitioners of mainly the Waaqa religion. Having over Forty (40) million Oromo tribesmen and women around the world, it comes as no surprise that there are bound to be a few millionaires and even billionaires from this tribe. One interesting thing to note is that the great Halie Selassie’s mother is from this tribe.

8. Xhosa Tribe

Based on the information we gathered from the South African Historical Institute, this tribe happens to be one of the largest cultural groups in South Africa, second only to the Zulu. The great musician Miriam Makeba, is also of Xhosa origin.

The tribe has gone on to produce many other South African legends who have in turn contributed to its growth and wealth. The language, which is spoken with its signature clicking sounds, is one of the most popular languages in Africa today.

7. El Molo

You did not think that this list would be complete without as much as a mention of Kenya did you? The El Molo people of Kenya number as little as a few hundred, but they are Ironically the most prosperous tribes in the country. Being a tribe of fishermen and hunters, they have succeeded in contributing greatly to their nation’s economy. Their religion is Waaq or Christianity.

6. Igbo Tribe

Found mainly in the South-Eastern parts of Nigeria, the Igbo tribe is the nation’s self-acclaimed richest tribe in the country, and frankly, they do have the capital to back up that title. As opposed to the other tribes within the country, where a few individuals are extremely rich, the Igbo people have a more shared wealth belief system.

This allows them to financially progress as a tribe instead of individually. They are an industrious set of persons and have produced various notable businessmen and tycoons over the years.

5. Suri Tribe

One of the richest tribes in Africa is the Suri Tribe. If you are thinking of those African tribes notoriously famous for wearing large lip plates, then you would be right to think about the Suri tribe. Situated around Ethiopia and Sudan, the Suri tribe happens to be one of the richest and the most self-sufficient tribes in Africa.

In spite of their remotely situated homelands, they are to be just fine, showcasing their culture to the world. One interesting fact about the Suri people is that as a rule of law, it is forbidden for the tribesmen and women to marry outside of the tribe. The offence can lead to a series of punishments, from banishing to death.

4. Hausa and Fulani

Another wealthy tribe in Africa is the Hausa-Fulani tribe. Also called Hausa-Fulani, due to the fact that the two tribes have interbred with each other for so long and so often, that they are almost impossible to tell apart in terms of looks, culture and religion.

They are mainly located in the Northern part of Nigeria and have produced so many notable figures. In fact, Africa’s richest man comes from this tribe, also the current president of Nigeria Muhamadu Buhari is a member of this tribe.

3. Pedi Tribe

They speak Bantu and are majorly located in Limpopo. They are from South Africa and number as much as 7million. Interestingly, a large number of them tend to be farmers of cattle herdsmen, a business that has helped to boost the economic situation of South Africa.

Over time, however, most of the members of this tribe migrated to the city in search of corporate jobs due to their educational qualifications, providing a new source of wealth for the tribe.

2. Zulu

The Zulu tribe are the second richest tribes in Africa. If you asked an average non-African to name a tribe from Africa, they are bound to mention this tribe. The Zulu tribe is one of the most popular African tribes, if not the most popular one in the world, and rightly so, with over 11million people who span across Zambia and Zimbabwe and other Southern African regions.

They have a very deep cultural heritage and history and have positively used this to profit off of the world.

1. Yoruba

Yoruba is the richest tribe in Africa. Having an estimated tribal population of 35 million people, the Yoruba tribe is one of the largest ethnic groups in the African Continent. Found mainly in Nigeria and its surrounding West African regions, the Yoruba people and culture are widely spread around the world. They are believed to be the most educated tribe in Nigeria.

They have used their culture, experience, education and heritage to thrive in various fields and control many of the country’s economic sectors today. Many notable Yoruba figures exist today and are thriving alongside their culture in a world that continues to be westernized on an increasingly global scale.


These are only but a few of the tribes in Africa that are excelling in wealth and exposure. If you have not met any of these tribes, I would suggest you visit Africa, I can assure you that you would be in for a treat.

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