Top 10 Smallest Towns In The World

What are the smallest towns in the world? A town is a place that is larger than a village but smaller than a city. Even though many people make the mistake of assuming that a town and a city are the same things, this is not the case.

A city is a larger version of a town. It has more amenities like a good transport system, communication, sanitation, and housing. A town is also less populated than a city.

There are many differences between them which include economy, geography and demographics.  If you’re curious to know the smallest towns, you’ll soon find out. There are places in the world that so many people have never even heard of.

For example, did you know that Vatican City is the world’s smallest country with a landmass of 0.44km²? This list will, however, focus on the top 10 smallest towns in the world.


List Of The 10 Smallest Towns In The World

#10 Fordwich, England. Population – 381

While this might be the most populated smallest town in the world on this list, it is important to know that Fordwich is regarded as Britain’s smallest town. In fact, between 2001 and 2019, the population has risen by a little over 30.

The town is said to be a remnant market town, in other words, it flourished greatly in the past and probably withstood the great depression era of England. This town is also a civil parish and can be located today in east Kent, along the Stour River in England.

In 1880, Fordwich lost its standing as a town, after many business corporations stopped operating in the area due to economic reasons and because It didn’t have any mayor again.

It later regained its township status however in 1972. It is the smallest city in England as well as the smallest town in England. The town maintains a peaceful and serene disposition and is famous for its fishing and angling activities.

It has some recreational and infrastructural facilities like drinking pubs, schools, churches and a town hall building. It also has a conservative touch in the sense that the building styles are dated to be very old and preserved.

#9 Manele, Hawaii, Population – 29

Although Manele is one of the most populated towns on our list so far, with a population of 29 people, it is important to note that it is the smallest city in Hawaii.

Home to the Four Seasons Resort, the town welcomes a number of tourists. All the residents live above the poverty scale. The town has a relatively pleasant climate, with a temperature that ranges between 18 to 21 degree Celsius on average.

With a landmass of about 5km² and a population density of 5.6/km², this census-designated place (CDP) finds its way to our list.

#8 Valley City, United States. Population – 12

Found in Pike County Illinois, Valley city was home to just three families as of 2010. It is the smallest “city” in the state. In 2010 the town recorded a population of 13, this number later dropped to 12 in 2017.

It has a landmass no greater than 0.55km², which is relatively small compared to the towns listed so far. In 2017, the Census board recorded a total of 4 households, with 1 of them having children that were under the age of eighteen, while the rest consisted of married couples that were living together.

It is a relatively peaceful town with a low crime percentage. The income per capita of the town was recorded to be a little below $7,000, with no one in this small town living below the poverty line.

#7 Cooladdi, Queensland, Population – 3

Cooladdi is one of the towns with the smallest population located in the Shire of Murweh, Queensland. Before, Yarrovale was the name of the town before it was later changed to Cooladi.

Like Betoota town, it has a population of 3 that are family residents. It is the smallest town in Australia by size and can be referred to as a ghost town.

The name of the town ”Cooladdi” means ”Black Duck”. The town has a general store that serves the purpose of a house, bar, store and post office. The general store is also where the family residents live in.

Currently, the town has a railway siding and the school along with the general store.

#6 Brewster, Florida, Population – 3

Originally a mining town, it was founded in 1910. This small town was once an economically prosperous area.  Sadly, the town has been mostly deserted since the nearby phosphate mine was permanently shut down in the 1960s due to environmental pollution by the phosphate mining company also known as American Cyanamid.

With an elevation of around 143 feet, The town has an air of isolation about it. Its recorded population is in accordance with the 2010 census population data.

John Vincent Atanasoff, also known as the inventor of the digital computer, was raised here, although he was born in Hamilton, New York City.

#5 Swett, USA, Population – 2 People and 1 Dog

Swett is another one of the smallest towns in the world by population. The Swett town in South Dakota established in 1931 is on the U.S Highway 18 and covers 6.16 acres of land. The small town comes with a three-bedroom house and a former tyre shop.

It also has amenities like a store, gas station, bar and a museum. The two has a population of two people and a dog. They listed the town for sale in 2014 but there wasn’t anyone that wanted to buy the town.

According to Wikipedia, the town is being haunted.

#4 Cass, New Zealand, Population – 1

Cass is another one of the smallest towns on earth with one resident by the name of Barrie Drummond. It gets a tie with Buford with only one resident population.

The town acquired its name from Thomas Cass, one of the town’s pioneer surveyors. Cass Town is located in South Island in Zealand. Before, there was a time when the town had as many as 800 residents but the number has dwindled to only one resident.

Even though Cass Town has 5 houses, only one person lives there. Rita Angus designed the iconic Railway Station painting that made the town famous. There is a yearly Cass Bash event that takes place there and people across the country come there to attend.

Recent additions to the town include a mini-golf course and a bowling green by the town’s only resident.

#3 Monowi, Nebraska, Population – 1

According to the Native American language, “monowi” means flower. It is a small town located in Alaska in the United States. It has a population of 1 according to the 2010 census data.

It consists of a bar, a library, a hotel and a church. It is over a hundred years old and has attracted a fair amount of tourists over the years. The town is home to one  Elsie Eiler who is 84 years of age.

She runs the bar and is the librarian and self-appointed mayor of the town. She also pays taxes to herself.

There was also a post office that was planted in the town in 1902 and remained until 1967. To maintain the town, Elsie Eiler is required to come up with a municipal road plan on an annual in order to secure funding for the village’s four street lights. This funding comes from the state.

#2 Buford, Wyoming, Population – 1

Buford is the second world’s smallest town with only one 60-year-old resident. This has not always been the case as the town had around 2000 residents who inhabited the town.

With time, almost everyone left apart from a family of 3. After the wife of Don Sammons died and their son grew up, he also left the town. This led to the southern town in Wyoming having only one resident remaining.

#1 Betoota, Queensland, Population – 0

Betoota is the first town with the world’s smallest population. The Betoota Town in Queensland, Australia tops the list of the smallest town in the world. The town is the only one on the list with zero residents. This is as a result of the only resident dying in 2004 with no other occupants interested in moving there.

The town, also known as Australia’s smallest ghost town sits on a stony desert plain. The town has a phone box, a hotel, racetrack, airstrip, a cricket field and a petrol pump to boast of.

Hundreds of people still visit the town every year to attend the Betoota race that takes place there.

Now you know the names of the smallest towns in the world and their locations. Do you know other towns that should be on this list? Please, leave your comment below.

What is the smallest town in the world?

The Betoota Town in Queensland, Australia tops the list of the smallest town in the world. The town is the only one on the list with zero residents. This is as a result of the only resident dying in 2004 with no other occupants interested in moving there.

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