Top 20 High Paying Jobs In Entertainment Industry (2021)

What are the best high paying jobs in entertainment industry? The entertainment industry is one of the biggest industries not only in Nigeria or Africa but the world at large. Some forms of entertainment can be done as a part-time job and can also be done while schooling or at the comfort of your home while others do it as a full-time job.

This industry is flexible and expands to accommodate a large number of people going into the industry. This industry booms no matter the state of the economy of a nation.

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Entertainment in recent years has created lots of job opportunities for society at large mostly for those who are focused and dedicated in their careers. Under entertainment, we have the music industry, movie industry, comedy, fashion, and lifestyle e.t.c.

This is their own way has opened up or created a lot of career opportunities like acting, directing producing, scriptwriting, cinematography, publishing, editing, distributing, fashion designing, animating, makeover, entertainment attorneys, music journalists, music therapists e.t.c.

Here, we are going to be talking about the Top 20 High Paying Jobs Ideas In The entertainment Industry. We have seen the flexibility of the industry and how it has created opportunities.

Top 20 High Paying Jobs In Entertainment Industry

The list of careers in the entertainment industry is quite long. Many have benefited, still benefiting, and will continue to benefit from this ever-growing industry. Now we want to take a look at the top 20 paying jobs in the entertainment industry.

  • Entertainment attorneys
  • Music publishers
  • Licensing representatives
  • Music therapists
  • Cinematographers
  • Dialect coach
  • Sound effect editor
  • Song plugger
  • Concert promoter
  • Booking agent
  • Illustrators
  • Radio announcers
  • Recording engineers
  • A &R coordinators
  • Music teacher
  • Studio chief
  • Voice actor
  • Animation director
  • Television producers

These sets of professionals might not be popular or celebrities as we love to call them but this does not change the fact that they are excelling in the industry through their fields and are professionals at what they do.


Just like every other attorney, they are in charge of all legal activities. Entertainment just like every other industry is a corporate body and as such it has to have its legal advisors who help in drawing out the contract and making negotiations. They work on agreements and search for endorsements, sponsorship, copyrights, trademarks e.t.c.

These attorneys are like other attorneys in the sense that they must have graduated and have gone to law schools. These attorneys can be freelance attorneys.


One of the career options in the entertainment industry is to become a music publisher. They are in charge of getting finance for the artiste. They are in charge of making collaborations with other artists and getting songwriters for the artiste and also help in promoting the songs commercially.

They also get record labels and sign artists and songwriters. Anyone can be a publisher as there is no exact route to it. A songwriter can become a publisher.

Being a graduate or attaining a level in education is not a major requirement to take up this career but anyone with good knowledge of music law and business accounting can do it.


This is one of the best entry-level jobs in the entertainment industry. Those without a high level of education can go into this as the least requirement is hands-on experience. They work hand-in-hand with producers, directors, film editors, e.t.c.

A licensing representative is a professional that pitches for the use of music in film, video games, movie trailers, commercials e.t.c.


Their role is to assist their clients in improving matters/issues that deal with emotion, physical, intellect, and social wellbeing through the usage of music performance, music lessons, etc. They can work not only in the entertainment industry but also in recovery centres, hospitals, education programs and they also work with doctors, nurses e.t.c.


Just like other journalists, they are in charge of all coverage of musical activities and events nationally and internationally, they are specialists at writing about music. They keep and record firsthand information about music, interview, do background researches, analyze trends, and review musical performances albums and concerts.


This is one of the best highest paying jobs in Multimedia. The cinematographers can also be called “Director Of Photography” and are responsible for movie shoots thereby making them very relevant in movie making.

A tertiary level education is required for anyone who wants to become a cinematographer. He/she has to get a degree either from a university or from a vocational institution. A cinematographer can also become a special effect specialist or an animator.


These are trainers that train actors or artists to speak in international accents fluently for programs or radio. The most sought after coaches are specialists in historical dialects, olden English, or Shakespearean English.

These can be taken as part-time jobs. They work with the artiste and are mostly hired by Production coordinators, executives or production supervisors


One of the high paying jobs in the entertainment industry is the sound effect editor. They work more with their computers and computer-based equipment. They control sounds, sound quality, sound interjections in movies, and make sure it is being interjected at the right time. There are no formal educational pre-requisite but anyone with formal education has more edge especially since technology evolves over time so new skills are to be used.


Formal education is not necessarily needed to go into this aspect of entertainment, even a musician can later become a song plugger. They are in charge of pitching musical compositions to artists and record labels for recording.

They must have good listening ears for music. They are also called professional managers.


They are also called talent promoters. They organize a concert, source for finance for any concert and have an action plan for the concert. They work with artists and agents to generate publicity for any concert. Therefore, this does not necessarily need a formal education/.


They handle all activities, occasions, and engagements for the group, artiste, or actors they are representing most especially groups or artists that are not yet known to the public. They do not need formal education before venturing into this but a degree of knowledge of the music business is an added advantage.


Another high paying entertainment job is to be an illustrator. Illustrators are artistic sets of professionals that create pictures and graphics for magazines, blogs, cartoons e.t.c. They must also have technical skills and abilities. Graphic art and computer degree will be highly important for whoever is aspiring to be an illustrator.

This is because an illustrator uses drawings and illustrations to communicate with customers.


Degrees are highly needed for whoever wants to be an announcer. Working and specialized experiences is also a plus to anyone who wants to be a top-notch announcer or a highly sought announcement. The radio announcer is a generalized name for broadcasting positions.


Their major responsibility is the editing and mixing of sounds. They are most times referred to as producers. Having a certificate is highly essential and beneficial for anyone who wants to be a recording engineer. Before being one, you have to be an assistant engineer.


This is one of the entertainment degree jobs that is interesting to go into. They have various roles such as overseeing the completion of a musical project, finding new artists and talents in production, writing, e.t.c. They mostly work with musicians, artists, producers, and directors.

Aside from having a degree in music, communication, and business, they have to be actively involved in the industry.


They provide aids and instructions on music and its performance. They can work in schools as well as teach the choir and must have a degree in art or music education. They are well trained and help in refining or improving techniques and help in the theoretical teaching of music fundamentals, scales, chords, and other advanced musical theories.


They are seen as the chief executive of the film industry. They are in charge of the staffing and operation of the studio. They work as finance managers, business managers, accountants e.t.c.

This position is obtained after gaining years of experience and even with that, one must have a degree in either business administration or liberal art. They are in charge of making decisions about what film is to be produced.


They don’t appear in videos but lend their voice to videos and games. They can work individually or in a group. No formal education is required for this field, although, he can attend a course in voice acting to develop his talents so as to be seen as a professional.

This can be done as a part-time job by actors, actresses, and artists.


They are solely responsible for organizing animation teams. They are in charge of staffing and leading the teams from the starting to the finishing of animation production. A bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree in animation or filmmaking is required and a job seeker should have an experience of at least 5years.

Animation directors work in animation studios, film production studios, television production studios, gaming companies, and advertising agencies.


They perform a wide range of financial responsibility and operational responsibility either by raising funds or making budgets or in ways of choosing a crew and director members. Bachelor’s or master’s degree in television and film, communication, or journalism is a prerequisite and also experience in the field.

They ensure that projects are being completed at the scheduled time. Here is the end of our best high paying jobs in entertainment industry.

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