Top 10 Best Management Consulting Firms In Nigeria

Top Best Management Consulting Firms In Nigeria
Top 10 Best Management Consulting Firms In Nigeria

What are the top management consulting firms in Nigeria? The consultancy industry is one of Nigeria’s fastest-growing industries.  Consulting firms vary in their level of expertise, exposure, and experience. They provide management, accounting, auditing, sales, marketing, advisory, and training services.

Popularity is not the most important factor to consider when hiring a management consulting firm. When hiring a consultant for your company, keep the following factors in mind: the nature and scope of the business and intended project, the required level of expertise, the industry experience of the consultant, performance feedback from at least one industry competitor, the consultant’s fees in relation to the quality and quantity of services promised.

Here’s a list of the top ten management consulting firms in Nigeria:

Top 10 Best Management Consulting Firms In Nigeria

1. Philips Consulting

Phillips Consulting has been in the consulting industry for over twenty years and has grown to be a force to be reckoned with. They are a prestigious business management consulting firm, founded in 1992 and headquartered in Nigeria, serving clients across Africa through offices in Lagos and Abuja.

They are market leaders in transformation, technology, and outsourcing. They also provide services like strategic research, strategy development, market intelligence,  governance optimization, and international development advisory and support etc.


2. Primo Finesse

Primo Finesse is a Nigerian company headquartered in Lagos. Primo Finesse takes pride in the years of experience, high level of exposure, and top-tier expertise of its partners. Its main advantage is that it provides low-cost services and training with high-value returns on investment.

They provide businesses, primarily small and medium-sized enterprises, with workable strategies that result in excellent profitability.  They also provide professional training for human resources and assist in the adaptation of acquired skills for increased productivity and  assist businesses in the efficient operation of People, Process, Strategy, and Technology in accordance with business objectives.”

3. DexNova Consulting

DexNova began operations in PortHarcourt, Nigeria, and has since expanded to serve customers in Lagos and other parts of the country. They began operations over a decade ago and have grown as a result of excellent client relationships and value delivery. 

They began small, with only a few people and a small office in Port Harcourt, but today they have their head office in Victoria Island, Lagos and other offices in PortHarcourt.  

Human resource management, ISO implementation and certification audit, project management, and training are all services provided by DexNova.

4. Novatia Consulting

Novatia Consulting is headquartered in Abuja and has offices in Lagos and Ekiti. They modernize existing business models by inventing and implementing new, disruptive business logic. Market research, business process improvement, audit assurance, tax consulting, accounting services, corporate branding, risk analysis, and corporate restructuring are all services provided by Novatia Consulting.

5. MacTay Consulting

MacTay Consulting has become a household name in the field of sales solutions and management consulting. With a track consultation track record dating back to 1982, the firm has provided various customers with human resource and sales solutions.

Since 1982, they have focused on adding value to organizations by providing bespoke solutions that meet the needs of their clients. They have a proven track record of providing excellent services that have a positive impact on the businesses of their clients

MacTay Consulting collaborates with TACK / TMI International a leading Sales and Sales Management Training Consultants with more than 70 years of experience in providing world-class training programs and innovative solutions.

Sales transformation, sales audit, sales structure & operations, sales management, human resource management, and training are among their services.

6. McTimothy Associates

This is a business management consulting and strategic planning firm that can provide you with the necessary consulting, mentoring/coaching, planning, and business support. Their services are for the most general or critical issues involving your focus, stability, goals, growth, failures, successes, missions, direction, development, strategic planning, and strategic management of your business or professional/personal development.

McTimothy offers services such as change management, health and safety, marketing management, operations management, information technology management, security management, financial management strategic management, and human capital management.

7. Index Consulting

Index Consulting is another professional consulting firm that has worked with a variety of clients in the financial, manufacturing, oil and gas and telecommunications industries.

It is a professional services firm that provides government and business with cutting-edge business research, management, training, and technical consulting services.” Over the years, they have established a proven track record of successfully translating innovative thinking into compelling concepts, putting their clients far ahead of the competition.

They serve clients through a core team of professionals supported by a high-quality network of associates in industry, business, and academia with an unrivalled combined experience and skill base.

Index Consulting has provided strategic management, operations management, sales management, financial management, risk management, planning, support and design services etc. 

8. Impact Partners Consulting

The firm’s experience spans Australia, Cameroon, Canada, Fiji, Nigeria, the United Kingdom, and the United States, and is led by a team of passionate, intelligent, and innovative consultants, the majority of whom are of African descent.

They are a social impact management consulting firm founded by young Africans with international experience who are passionate about making a positive difference in Nigeria and throughout Africa.

They use passionate experts from all over the world to provide high-impact consulting services to businesses, non-governmental organizations, and government agencies in Nigeria and throughout Africa.

9. Matog Consulting

Matog Consulting is a Nigerian management consulting firm. They help public and private company clients achieve their objectives by providing company formation, secretarial services, business start advisory, SME’s incubation business formation, audit, accounting, advisory, strategic planning, financial system design and executive search, placement performance management services, debt recovery,  operations review, business plans, finance and restructuring.

They also provide audit Services,  restructuring Services Company Formation Services, Risk and Compliance Services,  Business Development services, Financial Modelling Services, Strategic Planning Services and Business Regulatory Services.

10. Michael Stevens Consulting

Michael Stevens Consulting has evolved over the years to become a leading provider of high-value Human Resources, Recruitment, Learning & Development, Outsourcing, and Business Advisory solutions to multinationals, local corporate organizations, governments, and multilateral organizations since its inception in 1991.

Their breadth of expertise, as defined by a carefully selected pool of multi-disciplinary consultants, ensures that we remain the firm of choice for our growing list of discerning clients.

Strategic research and market intelligence, tax management and advisory, project management, feasibility studies and organizational restructuring are among the services they offer.

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