Top 10 Lucrative Fashion Business Ideas

When it comes to fashion, it’s a subject that matters to everyone alive who isn’t roaming the streets butt-naked. The fashion industry has evolved over the years and the fashion market has been sustained by innovations that turned into trends.

The industry big players too won’t just stop investing so the fashion industry gets attractive by the day. But that’s by the way. The industry is booming and you might want to hop into the train and have a taste of the mouthwatering sums that keeps churning out of it daily.


That’s why you are reading this article and that’s what you are going to ultimately learn of – the top 10 lucrative fashion business ideas or business for fashion lovers to invest in today and smile to the bank.

You don’t need to have PhD in fashion to get started. Armed with a rare zeal to succeed, willingness to learn and enormous gut to take bigger risks, you can get your foot on the door and become a fashion mogul.

At the risk of dwelling much on intros, come with me as I introduce you to some great fashion business ideas that are cash dispensers.

Business For Fashion Lovers: 10 Unique Business Ideas

Fashion Blogging

fashion blogging

Remember that fashion is an important topic for everyone covered in fabrics and not figs. However, most people are still careless about it, you can pay no mind to them. But there are people who take it seriously, these are your guys.

They are called fashion enthusiasts. They are crazy about the entire razzmatazz and they dig up the internet daily in an ultimate search for the latest fashion trends.

Guess what? They are getting whatever they are searching for and the bloggers are getting their take for providing this information to them. Why not join these bloggers and glow.

But wait for a second, you have got to be knowledgeable about a particular fashion niche before engaging in blogging for the money. It’s not too late. You can start one now after you’ve of course finished reading this article.

T-Shirt Branding

T-Shirt Branding

Branding has come a long way and today it’s one arm of the fashion industry that flourishes like the palm. Everyday people wear branded shirts for events, for marketing, for pre-wedding photo shoots, for birthdays and the list is endless.

Behind all the glitz and glamour that the branded shirts are laced with, there are some very hardworking guys who beam with constant smiles as the alerts vibrate on their phones in rhythmic spasms.

You just need to lay a friendly siege on one of them and learn the ropes of the business. Viola! You are in business too.

A Fashion Boutique

Fashion Boutique

This is like the epicentre of the fashion business – you dealing with clothing and perhaps footwear. This might demand a very fat capital and some patience to stand on your feet, but you can always look at the brighter side of the future.

This business is scalable and the prospects are really high. It’s an investment that will guarantee you consistent income in the long run.


Fashion Photography

fashion photography

If you are already a photographer then hop in immediately, the bus is almost filled up as the competition gets healthier by the day. Modelling agencies are nothing without fashion photographers, the entire essence of all the grand fashion parades is for the pictures so they can show the world how awesome the industry is.

Photographers ensure this aim is achieved through picture stories, they are never out of cash unless people stop modelling, is that even possible? I didn’t think so either.

Bridal Attire Rentals and Accessories

Bridal Attire Rentals and Accessories

The price of bridal gowns can discourage most weddings hinged on a petty budget but then, there is always a reasonable compromise in rentals. So most people would even prefer to rent a wedding gown than purchase.

That’s reasonable – it’s just for a day and the gown becomes dispensable. You can open a store for this purpose alongside other bridal accessories. Whenever you hear wedding bells ring figuratively, someone is smiling because of the money. You can be that person.

Importation of Clothing and Accessories

Importation of Clothing and Accessories

A chance to become the boss in your city since fashion retailers would depend on you for supplies. Importation can be quite tasking to begin, but beginnings are not so easy after all.

As soon as you solidify your position in the industry, it becomes as easy as eating a piece of cake. You import and by the time the ship is at the bay, you’ve already sold everything inside the container.

It’s that lucrative and you have to trust me on this.

Costume Rentals

Costume Rentals

People need costumes for various purposes but majorly for the purpose of shooting movies. Beyond professional movie shooting, there are stage plays and performances, cultural displays and some other unique festivities that require costume and they pay handsomely to get these things hired.  

You can be at the beneficial receiving end in all of this by finding a way to start providing the costumes.



Well, this is not for everyone though. Have you got the incredible physique? The charming looks? Or any other bankable quality in your appearance? Then you can venture into modelling.

You’ll be paid for being so natural effortlessly. Your beauty could attract customers to a brand that you modelled for. Clothing lines can pay you to model for them since you’ve got the right body for most of their offerings.

There are numerous fashion brands that are paying models to publicize them. Start by joining a modelling agency and don’t waste those natural endowments of yours.

Become a Fashion Marketer

Become a Fashion Marketer

Your job is quite simple – market fashion products for big players in the fashion industry. The world has since gone digital, so you will be doing this one online and in rare cases offline.

Social media will be your major tool. You are a fashion digital marketer and the social media is your market to display the wares of the clients you are marketing for.

You just have to be ardent at using social media and develop some top-notch marketing skills which include copywriting. All these can be learnt with the resources you will find online.

Specialize in Baby Clothing

Specialize in Baby Clothing

Every day, someone’s natal star shines unto the world, this simply means that babies are born daily. They all need to be clothed. Their items of clothing are most times expensive despite how tiny they can be, but parents would gladly buy.

If you specialize in baby clothing, you are certain to stay on the cash flow quadrant because an adult might decide to use old clothes for a while before changing, but kids are having none of that.


The fashion industry is one diverse sector and you can succeed better if you carve out a niche for yourself in one of its various niches. Another way to thrive in the fashion industry is to stay glued to trends as they emerge.

If you don’t follow the trends, by the time you’ll realize what’s going on, you would have lost a fortune for being left out of the loop. Stay on the trends by following top fashion brands in business on social media.

Be vogue and you can match up with the competition. Hopefully, the ideas listed in this article would give you a fine head start.

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