Fidelity Bank Transfer Code:How To Create, Transfer, Activate

Do you want to know about the Fidelity Bank Transfer Code, how to use it, and all about the code? If yes, continue reading this post

What Is Fidelity Bank Transfer Code

The Fidelity Bank Transfer Code is the bank ussd code that is provided to customers of Fidelity Bank to perform operations like money transfer, bill payments, block stolen atm cards, check your account balance, update your bvn, personal identification number (PIN) change and airtime purchase through their phone without the need for internet connection. The bank transfer code is a 5-digit code that makes banking transactions very easy and fast to carry out while still being secured.

To use the code, you must have a registered number with the bank which you use to get SMS alert that you will be used to perform these operations.


What Is The Short Code For Fidelity Bank?

The short code for Fidelity Bank is *770# which can be used for so many transactions and it only requires the customer to have a registered phone number with Fidelity Bank to be able to make use of it.

Fidelity Bank Transfer Code To The Same Bank

To transfer money to another Fidelity Bank account using the transfer code, dial *770*account number*amount# and insert your pin to complete the transaction.

Fidelity Bank Transfer Code To Another Bank

The Fidelity Bank transfer code to another bank is *770*acc number*amount#, select type of bank, and finally insert your 4-digit pin to complete a transaction. For instance, you want to transfer N1000 to a friend’s account that is not using Fidelity Bank, all you need to do is dial *770*00000000*1000#, select bank, enter the pin, and confirm the transaction. The money will be successfully transferred.

Fidelity Bank Transfer Pin

The Fidelity Bank Transfer Pin is the 4-digit number needed to authorize transactions when using the bank transfer code. To get the pin, enter *770# on your phone, select 1, insert your Fidelity Bank account number and create your PIN.


How Do I Get My Fidelity Bank Transfer Code

It is very easy to get, you only need to register for the transfer code, and afterward, you’re set. To get started, check the next section below.

Fidelity Bank Transfer Code Registration

To register for the transfer code, you don’t need to go to the bank as you can do it on your phone anywhere and anytime you want to. The only step required is to create your USSD Personal Identification Number (PIN) and you’re done with the registration. Follow the steps in the above section to create your 4-digit pin.

Fidelity Bank Transfer Code Activation

You might be wondering if you need to activate your Fidelity Bank money transfer code after registration. The answer is no, there is no need as it will be automatically activated. How easier can it get?

Fidelity Bank Transfer Code Limit

As with all other banks, the transfer ussd code of Fidelity Bank also has a daily limit. The bank’s daily limit is N20, 000 which is quite on the low side. Please note that you also have to split into two to be able to send the whole N20,000 to one account number.

For instance, to send N20,000 to a particular account number, you need to send N10,000 first and another N10,000 to the same account to make the money complete.

This is not that good if you think about it properly because you probably have to pay for service charge twice but there is really no other choice if you want to use the Fidelity Bank transfer code.

Fidelity Bank Airtime Transfer Code

As we mentioned at the beginning of this post, you can also use the code to purchase airtime for your number or for other people’s numbers. To recharge your own registered number, dial *770*Amount#.

Fidelity Bank Account Balance Code

After sending or transferring money to anyone, you might decide to check your account balance to see how much is left there. To do this fast, just dial *770*0# with your registered phone number and your account balance will be shown to you instantly.

How To Change Fidelity Bank Transfer Code Pin

Did you forget your transfer code pin for Fidelity Bank and you want to change it or maybe you want to use a better password than before, no problem. All you need to do is dial 770*00# and follow the command prompt. This operation should be carried out on the number you used to register for your Fidelity Bank account.

Now you know how to use the Fidelity Bank Transfer Code, the things you can do with it, how to register it, reset your pin and transfer money with it. Did you have any problems using the codes? Leave your comments in the comment section below.

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