How To Get BVN Number On MTN And Other Networks Fast

One of the most common questions which people tend to ask is how to get BVN Number on MTN, Airtel, Glo, or Etisalat. But you might be wondering why that is? Because BVN has become one of the vital things you must have to open a bank account or perform other monetary transactions in Nigeria. Find out the code for checking BVN on MTN.

Now to the next question?


What is BVN Number in Nigeria?

The full meaning of BVN is Bank Verification Number and it was started as a Biometric Identity System for bank customers in order to reduce illegal banking transactions. The idea of the BVN was introduced and initiated by the Central Bank of Nigeria and as such is not something you can do without having in the country.

BVN is made up of 11 numbers and it serves as your unique ID number in different commercial Nigerian banks. This means that irrespective of the different bank accounts you have or the number of bank accounts, your BVN number will remain the same.

Then you may want to know, How Many Nigerians Have BVN?

According to BusinessDay, about 40 million accounts thereabouts already have BVN attached to them as at the end of 2019, even though there are still many bank accounts without it. However, one is for sure and that is the utilization of the BVN will continue onwards.

Now to the main issue,

How to Get BVN Number on MTN line

To check your BVN on your MTN line, just dial the BVN code *565*0# and you’ll be shown your BVN. The BVN code also works for Glo, Airtel, Etisalat in the same way. There’s no difference between using different networks.

However, one thing to remember is that the BVN code should be used on the phone number you registered with your bank accounts. This implies that your phone number and BVN are linked so if someone else gets access to your number, they’ll be able to view your BVN too.

Also, checking of BVN causes a charge of N20 to be deducted from your account balance. The same amount will be removed from your balance irrespective of the network you use.

If you don’t want to keep being charged every time you check your BVN, you should ensure you write the code somewhere for safekeeping.

Important Note:

Be careful how you use and who you give your BVN number too. Generally, banks wouldn’t request your BVN via phone call, SMS, or E-mail so please be guided.

Here are some other questions and answers related to BVN you might be interested in.

How To Retrieve BVN Without Phone Number

Some people might be wondering if there’s a way to retrieve BVN without a phone number, the answer is no, there’s no way to do that.

This is because before you can register for BVN number, your phone number will be used in the registration process and in fact linked to the phone number. So it is through this phone number that you’ll be able to retrieve your BVN.

How To Change Number On BVN

If you would like to change the phone number attached to your BVN due to one reason or the other, this is possible and all you need to do is to visit your bank and inform their customer care about it.

You’ll be asked to provide identification card and your BVN plus the number you want to change to.

However, before going to the bank, please ensure that the new phone number you want to link to your BVN hasn’t been previously linked to another BVN number. I’m sure we all know that sometimes the new numbers we purchased might have been used by someone before and these network providers would still go ahead and sell them as new numbers again.

Anyway, to find out if your new number isn’t a reshuffled number that has been previously linked, just dial *565*0#, if it doesn’t bring out any 10 digits number, you’re good to go but if it does, you can’t link that new number with your BVN, so just go right ahead and purchase another number.


Can BVN number be changed?

No, it can’t be changed because your fingerprint has already been registered with the specific Bank Verification Number.

Can Someone Have 2 BVNs?

No, you can’t. You should only have one BVN. However, if you notice that you are registered with two BVN numbers, visit your nearest bank branch to lodge your complaints.

Can BVN Be Blocked?

No, it can’t but your bank account can be restricted from performing transactions if there’s an issue with your BVNs. For instance, the wrong name, phone number, or address is almost always the culprit for BVN issues you might encounter. To solve them, visit your nearest bank branch to lay a complaint.

Can BVN Be Used To Steal Money?

No, it can’t. It is majorly used to get your personal details such as name, address, fingerprint, transaction history, and photographs.

How Can I Check My BVN With Another Phone Number?

The answer is you can’t. If the number isn’t linked to your BVN, it cannot be used to check your BVN. So, the only option is to find the number you linked or go to the bank to change the linked number to your BVN.

What Is The USSD Code For BVN?

The USSD Code for BVN is *565*0#

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