Top 10 Foreign Companies In Nigeria

There are many foreign companies in Nigeria that many people don’t know about. Foreign companies are globally acclaimed organizations with an extremely high competitive workplace, and a labour force comprising of experts who are generously compensated for each service delivered to the development and advancement of the organization.

Foreign companies are those which have offices and different resources in at least one or more nations other than their nation of origin. Such organizations have workplaces or industrial facilities in various nations with a centralized administrative center where they facilitate worldwide administration.

Exceptionally huge multinationals regularly have budgets that surpass those of numerous little nations. They are sometimes alluded to as transnational, global or stateless companies.

It may be considered senseless for any job searcher to turn down a proposition for employment by a foreign company for a privately run company since it is constantly viewed as an upgrade for each worker to land an offer from a multinational.

Below is our compilation of the top 10 foreign companies in Nigeria.


Top 10 Foreign Companies In Nigeria


MTN, formerly alluded to as M-Cell, is a global telecommunications group, working in various Asian and African countries. Its headquarters is located in Johannesburg. Also known as Mobile Telecommunication Company, MTN has so far recorded 280 million users, making it the eighth largest network provider around the world, and the greatest in Africa.

The organization is present in over 20 countries, 33% of the company’s revenue comes from Nigeria, where it holds a market share of around 35%.


KPMG aids top organizations to address a portion of their most intricate difficulties, empowering them to settle on informed choices. Consequently, it advocates for progressive change and gets the future going for its customers, individuals and the local area, in this way empowering the nation’s prosperity.


Unilever is an organization that speaks for notable makers of family household chemicals and food items. The authoritative reach of such an organization covers an assortment of brands for the class of personal care items and house care, for example, Dove, Rexona, etc.

Everything becomes conceivable simply because of consistently accessible and committed staff that continually watch the market to track down the best ways to improve or set up better production approaches.


Halliburton works in over 80 nations and has employed more than 70,000 individuals of more than 140 ethnicities. The organization serves the reservoir lifecycle of the upstream industry – from finding hydrocarbons and overseeing geological information, to drilling and formation assessment, and enhancing production through the term of the field.

The Halliburton company was established in 1920 in Oklahoma, USA.


Today it is difficult to envision an item that is not associated with Nestle Company. This is one of the top global organizations in Nigeria which manages baby food, culinary items, chocolate, coffee and numerous different items which are sought after everywhere.

Over 60 nations are consumers of items made by Nestle. Interestingly Nestle items were made by Henri Nestlé in 1867, and from that point forward, based on his own major innovative work of the circle, Nestle Company has fostered an incredible assortment of baby food. 


Total is a French worldwide integrated oil and gas organization established in 1924, and one of the seven major oil organizations. Its organizations cover the whole oil and gas chain, from unrefined petroleum and flammable gas exploration and creation to generation of power, transportation, refining, oil-based commodity marketing, and global unrefined petroleum and item trading.

Total is a huge scale manufacturer of chemicals.


Motor oil and other Mobil items acquired worldwide distinction on account of their top-notch and successful imaginative solutions. A trademark component of Mobil brand is the utilization of trendsetting innovations. That is the reason Mobil makers are trusted manufacturers of popular brands all over the globe.

Mobil is additionally a recognized innovator in the field of cutting edge lubricants. Mobil brand has become comparable with Motorsport, where the proficiency is in the first place.

Mobil Engine Oil is famous with customers that wish to deal with the super-advanced brand of top quality, offering them the best in the field of oil. Lubricants of the Mobil brand meet the most severe prerequisites of industrial standards and the necessities of producers of complex hardware.


 The organization was positioned third in Fortune 500 list and is likewise remembered for the Fortune Global 500 rundown. The organization has its headquarters in San Ramon, California. Chevron produces oil and gas in different locales of the world. It has five refineries in the United States, three of which are abroad in Canada, Thailand, and South Africa.

It owns non-operating stakes in Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Singapore, and South Korea refineries. Chevron is the co-proprietor (50 %) of one of the main American petrochemical organizations – the Chevron Phillips Chemical Company.

The Group claims a broad network of filling stations globally under the brand names: “Chevron”, “Texaco” and “Caltex”. 


The company was established in 1998 by students of Stanford PhD. Sergey Brin and Larry Page. The organization’s name comes from the numerical term “Googol” (a googol). The utilization of this term by the corporation shows its endeavour to sort out the search of immense measures of data on the internet.

The key product of this massive corporation is its search engine, which comprises a compound query language that permits you to restrict your search to distinct domains, document types, languages.

Asides from the search engines, offers quite a number of other charge-less services, including Google Analytics, statistical sites for website admins, Google Mail, YouTube, an online Google translator, Google AdSense, the network of context-specific marketing, and so on.


The company was once a little English organization associated with oil transport. It joined forces with Royal Dutch, became occupied with its own production, and has become one of the most significant leaders in this sector.

The multinational organization Shell, today, has in excess of 2000 branches, is present in 143 nations and it employs in excess of 90 thousand individuals. It provides for around 25 million clients every day, and its yearly profit is 179 billion dollars.

In a brief period of time, the organization gravely signed an agreement with Texas oil for a duration of 21 years. Then, at that point, Shell began to work with Deterding Henry, Hugo Loudon, and Jan Kessler.


Now, you have seen the rundown of the top 10 foreign organizations which act not in one nation in the world, but rather in a variety of locations, and specifically, in Nigeria.

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