10 Quick Nigerian Breakfast Ideas To Try

Nigerian breakfast ideas have to do with the kinds of foods that you can eat in the morning in Nigeria. We all know how important it is to eat breakfast even if you skip the other meals of the day so we’ve compiled Nigeria breakfast meal for a delicious way to start your day.

These Nigerian breakfast foods are also not time-consuming and so you can be sure to finish their preparation in very little time thereby saving you more time to get ready for work, take the kids to school or do other things you like to do in the morning.

Check out the list of 10 Nigerian breakfast ideas you can go for.


10 Delicious Nigerian Breakfast Ideas

#1 Fish Peppersoup with Yam

Yam has never been sweeter to eat thanks to this great combination made complete with catfish pepper soup.

#2 Boiled Plantain Mixed with Pepper Sauce

This Nigerian breakfast meal is very simple and quick to make without making you feel heavy after consuming it. The best part is that it requires as little ingredients to make without breaking the bank. In other words, its a perfect Nigerian breakfast idea to try.

#3 Regular Mix of Tea and Bread

I call this a regular mix because practically everyone would have tried this combo but notwithstanding, it is one of the easiest and cheapest breakfast ideas around.

It doesn’t require any special ingredient and you can even upgrade the meal by making fried egg to go along with it.

#4 Boiled Yam and Fried Egg

One of our other Nigerian breakfast ideas to try is the boiled yam and fried egg combo. Spice this dish up by adding tomatoes, onions to your fried egg. Makes it more tasteful and nourishing.

This is another nice combo to satisfy your tummy in the morning and get ready for the day’s work.

#5 Potato Porridge

This is a breakfast meal you can’t go wrong with. Potato porridge dish is a mouthwatering dish to try. If you want to get much more unique taste, add ingredients such as stockfish, vegetables and plantain to it.

On the other hand, if you can’t afford the addition, the regular potato porridge dish is still fantastic to eat alone.

#6 Cereal

I know some people will disagree with this particular selection as they might say it’s too light to hold the tummy but honestly, it’s one of the healthy breakfast ideas that should be incorporated by everyone.

It is especially good for someone on a weight loss journey. WebMD mentioned in one of their posts about being able to lose weight by eating cereal for the first two meals of the day (breakfast and lunch) and eating a normal meal for the remaining meal of the day (dinner).

Irrespective of this, always endeavor to add fiber-rich cereals such as cornflakes, oatmeals and bran flakes to your breakfast meals.

#7 Fried Egg and Plantain

Another satisfying Nigerian breakfast that’s light and bright. Consider this as an extra simple dish that can be made as fast as the rest and can be enjoyed by adding bread into the mix or instead take fried egg and plantain with pap or custard on one of your breakfast mornings.

#8 Rice and Chicken Sauce

Rice is a general staple and many people can’t do without eating rice at least twice in a week so it’s just normal to include it into this list but eating rice with chicken sauce is another special meal you don’t want to miss.

You can always substitute the chicken sauce for other sauce like the coconut curry sauce and add vegetables into the mix.

#9 Pap/Custard With Akara

You’re probably wondering if you can make Akara in the morning with the little time you have. Since you can’t, it’s better to have made the Akara a day before and store in the refrigerator or buy from the Akara sellers.

The Akara sellers are very easy to locate anywhere around your area. But if you don’t like to buy edibles like that from outside, you’re left with the refrigerator idea or better still, leave these breakfast ideas for the weekends when you’re not in a hurry.

#10 Noodles or Spaghetti

This delicious Nigerian breakfast food will be done and ready within 20 to 30 minutes. Give your noodles or spaghetti dish a boost by adding carrots, cucumbers, green beans, prawn, baked beans, and hotdog. This vegetable list isn’t limited.

And there ends our list of 10 quick Nigerian breakfast meals to try. What are the other quick breakfast ideas you have that haven’t been mentioned? Leave your comments below.

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