10 Delicious Nigerian Chicken Recipes To Try

There are different kinds of dishes that Nigeria is known for ranging from Igbo dishes, Hausa dishes and Yoruba dishes. However, our focus today will be on Nigerian chicken recipes. Chicken is a regular meat staple in foods all over the world and not only in Nigeria due to the fact that it contains a large supply of protein, minerals and other vitamins.

It can also aid in reducing blood pressure, regulating cholesterol and losing weight. Today, we will be sharing some of the Nigerian recipes and Nigerian chicken dishes that people love. Here are 10 Nigerian chicken recipes for you to try if you’re a chicken lover.

10 Nigerian Chicken Recipes

#1 Nigerian Chicken Curry

nigerian chicken curry

Also known as the Nigerian Chicken sauce is very quick to make and one of the easy recipes you’ll find around. This Nigeria curry sauce recipe with the addition of chicken is very rich in flavour and tasty with high nutritional content.

One of the things that make it awesome is the addition of vegetables in this recipe such as potatoes, carrots, green beans among others. Get the Nigerian chicken curry recipe by following this link.

#2 Chicken Suya

photo of nigerian suya spice recipe

This grilled chicken suya is similarly known as Nigerian chicken skewers to some other people. Suya is a commonplace thing in Nigeria but it is usually done with cow meat or goat meat. This version of suya is very tasty and satisfying too. Get your Chicken suya recipe here.

#3 Nigerian Peppered Chicken

Nigerian Chicken Recipes

This recipe is made of grilled or fried chicken thighs that’s dipped in a fried tomato stew. The tomato stew adds flavour and richness to the fried chicken that will make it your favourite all the time. Get the Nigerian Peppered Chicken Recipe.

#4 Mango Habanero Chicken

mango habanero chicken recipe
Photo Credit: AllNigerianRecipe

You can probably guess two of the ingredients in this Nigerian Chicken recipe and you’ll probably be right. It’s Mango and Habanero pepper mixed with chicken. This chicken recipe is done using the baking method.

One thing to note is that this particular recipe is for those who love innovative recipes as I don’t think many people would love to try this. Be that as it may, go ahead and give this a try, who knows, you just might end up loving it. Check out the Mango Habanero Chicken recipe here.

#5 Nigeria Roasted Whole Chicken

nigerian roasted whole chicken
Photo Credit: All Nigerian Recipe

Looking for a nice treat that’s perfect for any occasion at any day and anytime, go for this treat. It’s totally worth it. This yummy easy chicken recipe will give you the one of a kind result. Here’s the roasted whole chicken recipe.

#6 Nigerian Spicy Honey and Sesame Chicken

spicy honey and sesame chicken

This utterly delicious sweet and spicy chicken will leave you and your family satisfied in just 30 minutes. Here are your spicy honey and Sesame chicken recipe.

#7 Coconut Fried Chicken

coconut jollof chicken recipe
Photo credit: Nigerian Lazy Chef

Coconut oil and coconut milk give a nice twist to this Coconut Jollof chicken recipe. Get the coconut fried chicken recipe here.

#8 Pop Corn Chicken

Pop Corn Chicken recipe
Photo Credit: 1qfoodplatter

Give your chicken an upgrade by blending the chicken and turning them into meatballs or in this case chicken balls and adding popcorn to achieve a unique taste. Find popcorn chicken recipe here.

#9 Nigerian Stuffed Chicken Breasts

nigeriam stuffed chicken breast
Photo credit: 1qPlatter

Everyone will love and appreciate this baked Stuffed chicken breasts recipes as it’s very fast to make and goes nicely with Jollof rice and plantain, especially for a quick breakfast idea. Get the recipe from here

#10 Nigerian Spicy Sweet and Sour Chicken

nigerian spicy sweet and sour chicken
Photo Credit: 1qPlatter

If you’re looking for that special recipe that’ll give you that kind of Chinese food taste you love, consider making this spicy sweet and Sour chicken in Nigerian style. Try this Nigerian spicy, sweet and sour chicken recipe.

Which of these Nigerian chicken recipes and which ones do you love most? Leave your comments in the comment section.

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