Ten Great Business Ideas With Low Investment And High Profit

What are the business ideas with low investment and high profit? When you hear about businesses like Facebook, Apple, Amazon and the likes which are businesses known for their extremely humble beginnings, one can’t help but feel a sense of awe and admiration towards these businesses.

The truth is that these businesses were refined by a serious level of hard work and commitment. Today, we have many such un-refined golden business ideas. You can go a very long way with little to almost no capital.

You just have to find the right business idea and shuttle your way to financial comfort. Luckily for you, we are going to share ten of these golden business ideas that will allow you to start up and grow a business with sufficient returns.

Best Business Ideas With Low Investment And High Profit

#1 Restaurant

While this business idea, in particular, might seem a bit of a cliché, one should never underestimate its value and potential in any given location. For as long as mankind continues to survive on food, then the restaurant business idea will never fade away.

The fact is; while many people are accustomed to home-cooked meals, there are a large number of people who don’t have either the chance or luxury of eating a home-cooked meal. This is where restaurants come in to play.

These business establishments come in various types, luxurious 5-star restaurants, and decent, yet cheaper simple restaurants. All businesses thrive on the return and continuous patronization of customers, and the restaurant business is of no exception.

With proper customer service, the right location and of course a meal of great taste and quality, your customers will always keep coming back for more.

#2 Consultancy Service

This field is a very great place to start. It cost almost nothing to set up a consultancy service and to a large extent, you get to work on your own terms.

All you have to do is offer business advice in your area of expertise to various business organizations for a charge. This can be done from a home-office or a workspace.

It is a business that, if done right, has the potential to grow into a multimillion-dollar firm.

#3 Event Planning

If you happen to have a sixth sense when it comes to organizing parties, then this is the field for you.

Every day, somewhere, someone is celebrating or observing an event; be it weddings, birthdays, funeral and whatnot, there is always an event that needs planning and organization.

As an event planner, this is where you come in. All you have to do is help the host by organizing a wonderful event and then get paid for it. The best part about this business is that you don’t have to use any money of yours to put things in order, as this would be provided by your client or clients.

All you have to do is put their resource to good use and make sure that your service suits their taste. For this reason, it is advisable to attend some training in this field.

#4 Cleaning Service

No one loves an unclean environment. And believe it or not, the environment always gets dirty even if it is left untouched by people for a long time.

The truth is, not everyone has the time or the will to clean up their surroundings and those who recognize the value of good hygiene will spare no effort to keep their surroundings clean.

The cleaning service business takes advantage of this fact and cleans the surroundings of people for a fee. Houses, company buildings, offices, schools, and so on, are hygienically maintained by cleaning services at a price.

With little capital and the proper types of equipment, anyone can make a gold mine out of this business.

#5 Beauty Salon

Everyone, regardless of their age or gender, wants to look good. Nothing screams “you look great” like a good hairstyling/ makeover. Establishing a beauty salon that meets the needs of both men and women is a great business idea.

All you would need are hair making equipment and a space to work from. These requirements are not worthy of very high capital.

#6 Digital Photography

The photography industry is a wide and steadily booming industry. The media and entertainment industries rely on the digital photography industry for pictures of people of high social class and celebrities alike.

The common folks also need it for keeping records of their various events. As a digital photographer, all you would need is your camera and skills. You can be paid to document these events through photography.

It is not necessary to have an office space during the early stages of the business. The field of digital photography is so wide that you can accomplish a lot.

#7 Poultry Farming

Culinary birds are in quite a high demand, especially when it comes to consumption. From eggs to meat, these birds provide food to non-vegetarians.

It would be a relief to know it does not cost a lot to get and rear these birds. With some training in the field and little cash in hand, anyone can set up a good business for themselves in this very field of agriculture.


#8 Interior Decoration

With the ever-changing standards of living and lifestyle in society, lots of people have started to develop a unique taste in various designs and works of art.

They need the influence of an expert, in order to give their environment a better than average look and feel. You don’t need expensive artworks to leave a long-lasting impression.

You can create wonders with the resources you are blessed with. What matters most is your skill and passion.

#9 Beauty Care

This is one of the most booming and thriving industries. The beauty care industry offers the chance for anyone to get paid for making others look good.

Studies show that women are known to be the top solicitors of beauty products and will do almost anything to maintain their good looks. Men also have been known to patronize beauty care products increasingly in recent times.

This makes the industry quite lucrative and worthwhile. Affordable beauty products could be purchased by you from the hundreds of such in the market and made available to your customers.

#10 Laundry Service

The last, and by no means the least on our list is the laundry service. Just like the Cleaning services, the laundry service thrives on hygiene; the desire to keep one’s clothing or garment clean.

This business could be done from the comfort of your home and later expanded to an office space. Most people take the idea of cleanliness very seriously, hence it would not be difficult to find customers.

This is one of the best businesses with low capital requirements.

There you have it, ten low capital businesses that can turn out to be a gold mine if handled properly. No matter how bad things get financially, there is always a means to get back on top without resulting to illegal means.

We hope that the business ideas with low investment and high profit listed above can somehow be of service to you.

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