How To Check Spectranet Data Balance

Are you having problems with how to check spectranet data balance on your MiFi or wifi router or how to change your spectranet password, continue reading this post.

Spectranet is an internet service provider that has its foundation in India. The telecommunications company was founded in 2004 and has since spread its wings to various regions of the global community, including Nigeria.

As of the year 2009, Spectranet was officially awarded the license to provide internet service in Nigeria; this license was given to them by the Nigerian communications commission. They became the first internet service providing company in Nigeria to launch the famous 4G LTE web service in Nigeria that we all know and love today.

With a vision to be Nigeria’s most revered broadband service and broadband internet provider, along with a mission to provide the best costumer and user experience possible, Spectranet has come a long way in a bid to reach its goal, invariably making its mark on the Nigerian telecoms and Information technology sectors.

Also, with a high-speed internet connection and flexible subscription rates, it comes as no surprise that many Nigerians have subscribed to their services in recent years. You can find out spectranet data plans and prices in this post.

How to Check Spectranet Data Balance

Spectranet users, just like other internet service provider subscribers should be able to check their data consumption, so as to know when to conserve and if need be, top-up their data subscription in time, so as to enjoy steady internet access.

The problem is that most people don’t know how to check their data consumption/ usage and end up waiting till the last second; when it finishes before they find out.

But there are two easy ways to check out your spectranet data balance, you can either do it by yourself online or call the customer support group to find out. Since this is a “do it yourself post”, we will focus on how to check your spectranet data online.

Here are the few steps involved;

  1. Visit the company’s official website at
  2. Click on the “self-care” menu icon that appears on the website to be forwarded to the next page.
  3. On the next page, you will see a red button, on which is written; “login to SelfCare”. Click on this button.
  4. A login pop-up should appear, simply log in with your username (SSID) and Wi-Fi password.
  5. As soon as you gain access to your account, look for the column where it is written; “data balance”, next to which is a set of numbers separated by two colons, for example, 20:800:126. The first number represents how many gigabytes you have left, the second number shows how many megabytes you have and the third number shows how much kilobytes you have got left. In other words, according to this reading, you have 10 GB, 800 MB and 126 KB of data left in your spectranet account.

There it is, all the basic things that every spectranet user should have an understanding of. It is important to do all you can to ensure that your connections are secure at all times; as a matter of fact, there is no security measure that is too small.

Always make sure to stay password protected. It is equally important and very wise to properly plan and monitor your data usage or data consumption. Always keep an eye on the activities in your spectranet account so you can know when to top-up of conserve expenditure. Now you can fully enjoy your spectranet experience.

How to Change Spectranet SSID and Wi-Fi Password (4G LTE)

Your spectranet SSID is the name that people who wish to connect to your wireless network, usually see. It is basically a default identification name, made up of certain characters, either numbers or letters of the alphabet, or both.

The reason it is advisable that you change your SSID and Wi-Fi passwords from their default version are for security purposes. Hackers are all around us and it takes one correct password to have access to your network connection and drain your internet data, or even go as far as accessing other vital information through your default passwords.

This can give them the ability to carry various malicious actions against you. The best solution is usually to set up a VPN (Virtual Private Network), but since it is more complex to set up, and not everyone can afford the security monthly or yearly subscription, the best and most important thing you can do in order to secure your connection is to change your default SSID and Wi-Fi password. Luckily for everyone, we have got you covered.

In this post, we will share with you, some of the tips that can come in handy when you need to change your SSID to a more customized version, along with how to change your default spectranet Wi-Fi password. We will instruct you step by step on how to go about this.

Changing your Wi-Fi password (4G) and SSID

By complying with the following steps, you will be sure to successfully change your password and username.

  1. Connect your phone or pc to your spectranet WLAN or Wi-Fi. This is very important or the address below won’t work.
  2. Launch your phone or PC browser respectively.
  3. Then, type; in the address bar, press enter after you have successfully typed this.
  4. You would be led to a spectranet portal, be sure to click on settings when you arrive at the portal.
  5. A login box will pop up, where you would be required to submit your login details, do not fret and simply fill in the following in the spaces required
  • Default Username: user
  • Default password: user

If this fails to work, you can try typing “admin” in the default user name and default password columns.

  1. After you have been logged in, click on settings and then go to Wi-Fi and then Wi-Fi basic settings.
  2. Under the Wi-Fi basic setting option, you will have the chance to change your Wi-Fi password, as well as your SSID, and you even have the option of hiding or making your SSID visible or invisible.
  3. Finally, for easy access and more options, you can choose to download the Spectranet app for users.

Let us know if you were able to check your spectranet data balance or change your password after reading this post.

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