Full List of DSTV Subscription Packages, Prices and Channels

What are the DSTV Subscription packages and how much do they cost? DSTV is a subsidiary of multi-choice; a satellite cable company that is based in South Africa and was established on the 6th of October, 1995.  DSTV came to Nigeria in 1996.

Since then, the satellite cable TV service network has grown to be one of the most post popular and patronized satellite cable TV services in the whole of Nigeria and has further spread its reaches to almost all parts of the African continent.

Over the years, in a bid to reach all members of an area, regardless of socio-economic standing, the cable service made the wise decision to segment its services into different packages.

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These packages range from cheap to quite expensive and usually have varying prices attached to them.

The DSTV cable service offers a myriad of channels to choose from, channels that can be grouped into categories like sports, lifestyle, family and so on, whatever your taste, they have got you covered.

All these channels and categories are neatly kept in various DSTV subscription packages that are designed to suit your pocket. For those that cannot afford DSTV, there’s a cheaper alternative which is the GOTV. Find out the list of GOTV subscription packages, prices and channels here.

In this post today, we are going to take a better look at these subscription packages and what they have to offer. If you are interested in buying a DSTV decoder or upgrading to a different package, or maybe you would like to get a smaller package that could better suit your finances.

Whatever the situation may be, the fact remains that you would need to know some things about these packages, what they entail and how much they cost.

I am super positive that at the end of this post, you as a reader would be more enlightened on the choice to make regarding the subscription packages.

So, sit back, relax and enjoy the read.

DSTV Subscription Packages and Bouquets for March and April, 2020 (Latest prices)

The first access charge for this service ranges from NGN 20,000 to about NGN 45,000; this money covers the cost of the installation of a satellite dish, decoder and cables, along with other installation related services.

You are also given three-month subscription access after the initial installation.

DSTV Access

This subscription package costs only N2,000 every month. With more than 90 different TV channels, both international and local, being offered in this bouquet, it comes as no surprise why this is the go-to subscription package for those who don’t watch lots of TV or those who cannot afford more expensive packages.

DSTV Family

As implied by its name, this subscription package was created with family viewership in mind.

As a result of this, it is acknowledged to be the most popular of all the DSTV packages in Nigeria.

With access to more than 110 channels, and extra channels like Cartoon Network and other kids related channels, along with sports, news and a few movies and audio channels.

There are, however, no HD channels in this subscription package. As of April 2020, the DSTV family subscription package costs only NGN 4,000 monthly.

DSTV Confam

This DSTV package is one of the relatively cheaper packages, costing no more than NGN 4,500 to have access to channels every month.

It has over 120 channels for its subscribers which include all the basic categories from news to sports, to music and movie entertainment.

DSTV Compact

It contains a plethora of channels to choose from, numbering to no less than one hundred and thirty-five (135) sixty-nine (69) of which are default package channels.

It has all of the essentials and more; including audio channels. It only costs NGN 6,800 to pay for a month’s worth of view time.

DSTV Compact Plus

This is the package with the second-highest monthly subscription rate of NGN 10,650 for every month.

This bouquet allows you to have access to no less than a hundred and fifty-five channels each month.

The sports lovers reading this post would be interested to know that this package offers a larger variety of sports channels than all the other packages mentioned earlier.

SuperSport 7 and SuperSport 10 or SS7 and SS10 respectively, are just a few of the quality sports channels available for viewing with this subscription package.

Other channels include kid-related channels like cartoon networks and the likes, music channels, African magic, and lots more.

For those who don’t want to upgrade to the premium package, but love sports, this is the subscription package for you. Give it a try.

DSTV Premium

The DSTV Premium package is the complete package that gives you access to all DSTV channels, including SD/HD video channels, along with all audio channels.

In other words, there are no locked channels on this package. And for the cost of NGN 15,800, all of these channels along with bonus channels will be included in your package from time to time.

All HD movie and HD sports channels are also included. Subscribers of this package are qualified to get a special DSTV mobile+ free package; this is only possible as long as they have a Driffta decoder of DSTV.

Other DSTV packages include; DSTV Padi, DSTV French Touch, DSTV French plus and DSTV Indian packages. All of these packages have subscription price rates of about NGN 1,800 to around NGN 6,360 Naira.

DSTV Compact Channels in Nigeria

The DSTV compact subscription package is one of the most commonly used packages.

According to the DSTV website, there are about 69 major channels in this package. These channels can be grouped into several categories, as follows;

Audio (23 channels): 100 FM, DMX classic RnB, DMX- Blues,  BBC world service, CORO, 94.7, DMX soft hits, DMX reggae, DMX Chamber, BBC Afrique, Chinese Radio, Capricon FM, DMX cityscapes, DMX smooth jazz, DMX contemporary, BBC world radio, 1485 AM Radio, Cape Talk, DMX classic, DMX classic jazz, 5FM, BBC Africa and Citizen Radio.

General entertainment: Dish on TV, African magic show max, Big brother, AXN Black, 1 Magic, African Magic Urban, Colors, BBC Brit, AXN white, African Magic Yoruba, Bay TV, Boom TV, A+, Comedy central, African Magic Igbo, Cape Town, and Cine+ Star

Local: BISCON TV, Channels, BCOS, Channel Ten, EBS TV.

Documentary, Lifestyle and EDU: Discovery HD, Crime and investigation, A&E Bio.

Music: Channel O, B4U music, Afro Music pop and Afro Music

Kids and teens: Nickelodeon, Disney channel, cartoon network, jim jam

News and commerce: BBC News, CNN, Bloomberg TV, CNC world, Arise News

Lifestyle and culture: Discovery TLC and BBC Lifestyle.

Religion: Emmanuel TV

Movies: MNet Action, All Stars, B4U movies

There are obviously other channels but all those are the bonus or extra channels that come along with the bouquet.

If you are looking for a subscription package, we hope that this article has given you a thorough insight. You can also check out how to pay for a DStv subscription online.

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