All-Inclusive Interesting Infinix Note 4 Details And Guide

This post touches on all about Infinix Note 4 details, i.e. the things you need to know about the phone. It also answers the different questions that people ask when they are in the process of purchasing the phone, when the Infinix Note 4 have issues or when you need to find out about a particular feature of the phone.

Infinix Note 4 is one of the Infinix phones that was launched in 2017 and has a screen size of 5.7 inches. The screen size puts the phone in the tablet category and perfect for smartphone users that love big phones. Other nice features of the phone include a fingerprint sensor, 4g support, dual camera support, fast charging among others.

Here goes many of the questions you could have about Infinix Note 4 and their answers.

Comprehensive Infinix Note 4 Details, Specs, Questions and Answers

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all inclusive infinix note 4 details you need to know

What are the Infinix Note 4 Specs?

Here is the phone specification and the Infinix Note 4 features:

Screen Size 5.7 Inches
Sims Dual Sim i.e. supports two sim cards
Processor 1.3GHz octa-core MediaTek Helio X10 MT6753
Ram 2gb or 3gb variants
Android Version Android 7.0
Storage Capacity 16gb or 32gb
Storage Expansion Yes with the memory card
Cameras Has front (8MP) and back camera (13MP)
4G Support Yes
Fingerprint feature Yes, can be found at the front
Battery size 4300mAh
Support Fast Charging Yes

Infinix Note 4 Unboxing And Full Review

To find out more about the Infinix Note 4, check out the video above showing unboxing the Infinix note 4 and review of this awesome smartphone.

Does Infinix Note 4 have a pen?

No, it doesn’t come with a pen.

Does Infinix Note 4 Have OTG Support?

Yes, the android phone comes with OTG support.

What Is Infinix Note 4 Android Version?

Infinix Note 4 comes with Android 7.0 Nougat.

What are the Infinix Note 4 LTE Bands?

The phone supports 4G LTE band and works with Smile, Ntel, MTN, Airtel and 9mobile 4G networks but it seems to have issues working with 4G networks on Glo and Spectranet though.

Questions Related To Infinix Note 4 Fingerprint

Where is the Infinix Note 4 Fingerprint Scanner?

The Infinix Note 4 fingerprint scanner can be found at the front of the phone.

How To Troubleshoot Infinix Fingerprint Is Not Working?

If your Infinix Note 4 fingerprint is not working, you can try clearing your cache data, wiping your fingerprint data or doing a hard reset. Take a look at Chuks guide on solving Infinix fingerprint problems and solutions. If all this does not work, you have to take your phone back to the Infinix office for them to solve the problem for you.

Questions Related To Battery

What is the Infinix Note 4 Battery Capacity?

The Infinix Note 4 battery capacity is at 4300 mAh as provided in the specs table above.

How long is the charging time for Infinix Note 4?

Charging time is estimated to be around 90 minutes to get a full charge. Do not forget that the phone comes with a fast charge feature.

How long is the Infinix Note 4 Battery Life?

Again, the battery life depends on the person using it as there are normal users and heavy users. All in all, the Infinix Note 4 battery should be able to work for 14 hours or more under heavy usage. This means the regular users would have more hours of battery for their usage.

How To Solve Infinix Note 4 Battery Problem

If you’re having battery drain issues, head over to Infinix Drain battery fix and check if the problem can be solved easily. If it did help, it’s all good, if not, you may have to purchase another battery.

Questions Related to Pricing

How Much is the Infinix Note 4 Screen Price in Nigeria?

There is no definite price for purchasing another Note 4 screen, however, the prices you’ll find online is around N12000 to N15000. Note that this is not a fixed price, you might get lucky and get it cheaper or higher. It depends on where you make the purchase. We will, however, advise you to just take it to the nearest Infinix office around you if you can.

What is the Infinix Note 4 price in Nigeria?

The Infinx Note 4 3GB Ram, 32GB storage is priced around N43500 to N45000.

The Infinix Note 4 2GB Ram, 16GB storage is priced around N43000 to N44000.

How much is the Infinix Note 4 Battery Price in Nigeria?

The battery price depends on your location but could be within the range of 3500 to 5000.

What are the Infinix Note 4 Colors Available?

You can get the phone in three colours which are Champagne gold, Ice Blue and Milan Black.

Questions Related To Purchase

Can I Get Infinix Note 4 At Jumia?

Yes, you can get the Infinix Note 4 at Jumia within the price range of N42000 to N46000. Please note that you have to check the Infinix Note 4 specification you intend to purchase whether 2gb or 3gb ram or whether 16gb or 32gb rom. Here are some suggested links to purchase from.

Where Can I Buy Infinix Note 4 Battery In Nigeria?

You can save yourself all the trouble of buying fake batteries and just walk into any Infinix shop or Slot outlets to buy the battery. You can also get the battery on Jumia, Konga and Aliexpress.

Where Can I Buy Infinix Note 4 Flip Cover In Nigeria?

Head over to Konga if you’re interested in buying a nice Infinix Note 4 flip cover for your phone. You will even get those that have sensors. Price range is between 2600 to 4500.

Is Infinix Note 4 Worth Buying?

With the features, specifications and price of the phone, it is suitable to say the phone is worth buying.

Here we end our question and answer series on all about Infinix Note 4 Android smartphone. Which other questions on Infinix Note 4 details will you like to get answers to? Leave your reply below.

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  1. Phone price is very good for the specs you get from the Infinix note 4 phone. Great camera and battery among other things with the perfect build quality.

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